The OASIS Center for Conscious Living


    The date of 09/09/09 marked the opening of a new portal in the evolution of consciousness for our planet. It initiated a “final” phase in the process of accelerated evolutionary consciousness, as described by the Mayan Calendar and other prophecies. We are witnessing a powerful shift that is supposed to climax near the end of 2012, around the portal known as 12/12/12.

    kollHow will you live your life during the next 3 years, 3 months, and 3 days? How you thrive and capitalize on the opportunities depends on your perspective and preparedness.

    Our shared vision of choosing to live consciously through these transitional times catalyzed the creation of OASIS Center for Conscious Living. It’s an “oasis” of cooperative guidance and support for those feeling the call to serve and authentically live their highest purpose. It provides sacred space, programs, teachings and technology based on 5 Guiding Principals and 7 Essential Practices for Conscious Living. More information can be found online at

    While not a physical building, the “center” serves on three levels:

    • Level One: The first level serves the inner, the “still, quiet center” within our heart space. Conscious living requires awakening the inner center in order to live your purpose and become whole, happy and free. The “OASIS Experience” is a series of 3 inner processes (workshop, retreat and writing course) that cultivate the principals and practices of conscious living, and develop acceptance, appreciation and enthusiasm for your spiritual journey.
    • Level Two: The second “center” provides sacred space, both online and physically, for the gathering of community. As old forms of the “tribal mind” break down, we desire a stronger sense of true belonging. The OASIS Center holds sacred space for workshops, retreats, spa and wellness rejuvenation, and spiritual journey forums. We are also in the process of forming Young Adult Emerging Leadership Circles to mentor and learn from the wisdom of young adults who share the vision of making a difference in their world.
    • Level Three: The third “center” serves the global community. Our global mission is to create and join with other awakening groups around the world, generating a network to ultimately align millions of focused minds and hearts. As we end the tribal and egoic mind domination, we will welcome the sense of Oneness brought on by the era of the Spiritual Mind. We will provide online and home studies courses, and intend to gather with other global networks for celebrations on 10/10/10, 11/11/11, and 12/12/12.

    One of the founders, Louis Bourgeois, plans on taking the OASIS Center vision on the road during his many travels throughout North America. He will be facilitating a presentation entitled “Living in A New Earth,” being offered in the cities of Toronto, Boston, New York, Washington, D.C., Asheville, NC, and Sarasota, FL. He will also be offering retreats with the intention of deepening the “inner center,” using it as the core for developing community and global service. The first retreat will be held in San Miguel de Allende from late December until mid-January 2010.

    A series of three month-long retreats will be conducted during the winters of 2010, 2011 and 2012. These annual retreats are designed to serve as a hub to network and connect various Conscious Living communities being created throughout North, South and Central America. The 2010 retreat will be held in Costa Rica during February.

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