Radiolab’s “After Life”


REMEMBER THAT DARK, interconnecting film called 21 Grams? The title refers to the supposed weight of the soul, initially determined by Dr. Duncan MacDougall of Haverhill, Mass., who theorized that after the body dies, it weighs approximately 21 grams less, or three-fourths of an ounce. Now, Dr. MacDougall’s research is considered more of a curiosity than scientific certainty but isn’t it interesting to consider that science even remotely postulates that it can validate the existence of the soul?

But that’s not what interests me at this moment. While driving at noon today, just running an inauspicious errand during a rainy day, I caught Radiolab’s program “After Life” on Minnesota Public Radio. The program’s creators call it “eleven meditations on how, when and even if we die.”

Listen to it here, at the WNYC website where the program can be heard in three sections.

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