Seeking Awareness

The first step to a more peaceful life and existence in this world is awareness. What is the definition of “awareness”? What does it mean in the context of everyday life and how we grow as people in a group, as a society, and as individuals?

Awareness is the knowing of your surroundings. It is the knowing of the energy emanating from you and the energy trying to penetrate you. In some situations, it is the protective shield encircling the body and spirit, a reaction to negative energy, or a perceived threat. In other situations, it acts like a sponge, soaking up the positive energy flowing from the universe.

Awareness senses and picks up the most minute details and changes in the environment, and it processes that information for the mind and spirit to respond.

Awareness is letting go of the trivial matters of our lives, the negative energy and barrage of demands stealing and sucking your life force, and looking beyond the now of the physical world. Awareness is the wind blowing when you ask a question or throw your open arms to the universe.

Living it
I sit at the café with fresh coffee, ’40s jazz in the background. The occasional clinking of glass and dishes mixes with lunch sizzling on the grill. People engaged in conversations about things that do not matter. Their voices are silent, but the expressions and outward emotions falling into the room and the resulting wave, the effect, is beautiful.

I sit at a wooden booth under soft yellow light and observe the moments, experiences and the harmony. I try to be discrete and not project any influence. Does the mere presence of matter that has substance automatically and defiantly influence the landscape, the environment, no matter how small the presence? If that is true, and you are here, and no matter what your presence influences, do something! Make the most of the moment!

From the eyes, the awareness sees the entire landscape, every source of energy interacting with other sources. It enters into the soul and connects to the universal light source and vibration.

When I see people, I do not see them physically. I look through them and beyond them, into something I do not have the words for, into some land, some space whose light source I do not know, yet I want to immerse my naked body with eyes closed, within.

I drift and flutter from the now into the future, barely taking notice of this moment, allowing distant primal instincts to enter me. Not just my mind, body or spirit, all of me – each pore, each molecule filled with this light, this energy.

Experience it
Unblock the mind from stresses and angst that impede the words welling up inside. Allow the natural energy to flow. Do not force thoughts into your mind. Realize that the energy and the universe are sensitive, and waiting for you to be ready, willing and able to listen and allow it into you.

Every person has the ability and potential. It is inside, waiting. It starts with an open mind. Dig deep and be peaceful – breathe, and allow it to rise to the surface and flow into your surroundings. This can be accomplished in a few ways: watch and change how you breathe; escape to a quiet room; a change of scenery such as visiting the new corner coffee shop; plan a week alone near water. Whatever it takes to push away the negative and allow the positive to flow into you.

The following are breathing steps to start the experience:

  • Inhale deep breath through the nose.
  • Exhale deep breath through the mouth.
  • Eyes closed, continue to breathe in this manner.
  • Arms straight down at the side.
  • Continue to breathe.
  • Bend arms at the elbow and the wrists so your palms are upward.
  • Continue to breathe.
  • On each inhale, raise the palms upward.
  • On each exhale, turn the wrist so you push toward the ground.
  • Continue to breathe.
  • Open the eyes.

What do you see? The same people and objects, but the space has changed. Each has a new light and vibration. The outlines, hues and shades, once sharp, are hazy and more distorted. Yet, they are more defined as the true being is now visible.

This is the other world that we live within, that surrounds us, yet not everyone can see. This is the light and the vibration we want to live within. This is awareness. In moments of stress when the path is blocked, breathe in this manner and let everything you do not want fall away and invite everything you do want, to come inside.

With awareness, many things will come into you and present themselves. The increasing openness of your self will attract many opposing energies. Light and vibration fill in the previous void and will compete and clamor for your attention, and in some cases for the energy that you hold and project into the environment around you and ultimately into the Universe. Distance yourself a bit and do not allow yourself to be sucked in, to lose yourself, your essence.

Let everything you do not want fall away and invite everything you do want, to come inside.



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