Social Networking Goes Galactic


My first coach bus trip took me from Minnesota to Lebanon, Ore., as an exchange student in 1972. It was the longest and farthest I’d ever been away from home. One memory of that trip is the feeling I had in my legs, a quiver of energy that I now know as a higher frequency energy coursing through my body, not accompanied by nervousness.

soulful_networkingAs I think of how today’s networking sites have connected us with others throughout the world, I am shown a picture of the internet as a hard line connecting us (humans) with the higher frequency Cosmic Christ Consciousness or Unity Grid. While it is still important for us to travel to places like Lebanon, Ore., to anchor Divine Energy, each time we make an internet connection using a networking site, we are running energy on both the Planetary and Galactic Grids.

The quivering I felt in my legs in 1972 was confirmation of my mission to aid in the protection, activation and integration of Divine Light with these very important grids. When my husband and I married in 1974, we made an agreement that each year for our anniversary we would take a trip somewhere. While it always appears to have some sort of conscious agenda or mundane purpose, we find ourselves experiencing more and more energy shifts as we travel.

With the dawn of the internet, our ability to connect energetically has amplified. Because the internet is hardwired with the planetary grid – and we, as humans, are energetically wired multi-dimensionally – our ability to increase our galactic workload has increased, as well. Connecting with friends, family and business associates online using sites like Facebook, Plaxo, Tagged or My Space, to name a few, is another way of energetically touching many people to aid in raising the consciousness of the planet. As Lightworkers, we hold and share the Light with many as we help create the quantam leap toward a more universal/galactic way of attuning our human self to the more expansive and harmonious reality that is truth and spiritual awareness.

For me personally, I have experienced the energetic grids in words, spoken and written, on a number of these sites. While some of the energy comes gently and quietly, other times the energy is filled with tears, sadness, joy, elation, fear or unconditional love.

This form of Galactic Energy Work is here, now. It is one of the single most powerful tools we have right now to help us raise the vibration of the planet. Keep your messages positive, hold love in your heart, and document the shifts you are experiencing. Someday your experience could change someone’s life…for the best.


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