The Celestial Mind and the Healing of the World

    The state of the world is precarious and, in fact, dangerous. The state of your mind slips at times into uncertainty and fear. Relating these two facts is rarely done. However, sickness and pain is not just a mind-body connection, but a mind-world connection.

    A Course in Miracles offers a vision of love and miracles that brings together this world’s cause and effect and heals both. Only the mind needs healing. I realize this does not seem to be the case in a world of pressing problems, but surely the application of healing to symptoms alone, disregarding the cause, must fail to satisfy, let alone work.

    The beginning of healing or the opening of the mind in every case may not require formal help, such as a teacher or healer – but some change in the perception of interpersonal relationships is needed for this opening to occur. Sometimes a mind needs a structured relationship such as a teacher. Formally or informally, everyone must be helped to change his mind about the reality of illusions. That is why each individual will take on the role of teaching truth for the acceleration of the healing of the world.

    What does that look like? A Course in Miracles offers such a structured shift in the mind that will bring about healing for oneself and, in effect, the world. The human mind is fundamentally split, with its thoughts separated one from another. Jesus, in the Course, is offering a line of thinking that can be used as a model for the unification of the mind. The goal is love, which is you unified with God. This revelatory thought is beyond the human reach, so we need to hear this message in a language closer to our own. The Course is like a holographic image. Each sentence or thought is completely connected and essential to every other sentence or thought in the Course. Pick up the Course and see this yourself. This is the condition of a healed or awakened mind. The Course is completely consistent, reasonable and, most importantly, contains an overarching light continuity that heals.

    The goal of the mind training of A Course in Miracles is to think along the lines the text sets forth. This does not mean repeating the identical concepts, but it is a flow of energy and thought that is communicative in an unearthly manner. This is what is called, in Christian terms, speaking in Spirit. But this Spirit undoes the world; it shines away darkness when it appears. In other words, healing in this form can not revert to sickness later on; in fact, this light liberates the mind from death.

    A further aspect of this new thought, which is unified, and does not conflict within itself, is that it reaches to a light energy that can be reflected by poetry. For instance, the last five chapters of the Text of the Course and the last 260 lessons of the Workbook are written in blank verse. As a teacher of God, obviously, you alone cannot prepare your mind to communicate in this way. You can practice it with help from beyond this world, but not beyond you. The illusion of time and space, in fact, has already been corrected. What makes the awakening simple is that it is just a remembering.

    Your awakening is inevitable. All that is being offered through the Course and its teachers is a speeding up of the vibration of light which will dispel all darkness. There is nothing to lose but suffering and loss. You can facilitate this all-encompassing awakening by taking a step toward truth yourself. Open the Course and begin the Workbook. And, if you need more help, just ask.



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