The Dawning of a New Age: A Preview to Edge Life Expo 2009


Transformation and change will be a featured theme in the upcoming Minneapolis Edge Life Expo, taking place November 14-15 at The Hyatt Regency, 1300 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis. More than 150 exhibitors will attend, including intuitive readers, medical intuitives, integrative healing practitioners and those offering books and products to support holistic life. Highly acclaimed international, national and local authors and lecturers will speak each day for a nominal fee.

The following is a conversation with five of the featured speakers on change taking place now on our planet. They include local intuitive and author Kathryn Harwig, local channeler and healer Insiah Beckman, authors Kathryn and Dannion Brinkley, and hypnotherapist and author Dolores Cannon.

The Maya referred to this as the end of a phase of Creation that will lead those who are prepared into greater cosmic understanding and spiritual maturity. - Kathryn & Dannion Brinkley
The Maya referred to this as the end of a phase of Creation that will lead those who are prepared into greater cosmic understanding and spiritual maturity. - Kathryn & Dannion Brinkley

We hear the word “change” so often right now, but hasn’t life on this planet always been in a state of flux? What makes this particular moment in history so important that we need to begin paying attention?
Kathryn & Dannion Brinkley: Roughly, every 26,000 years our galaxy travels through the Precession of the Equinox, which means that our planet enters a new age of growth through a process of transformation. During this shift (transformation), we will be subject to mass revelations from the higher frequencies. This is definitely a time for all of us to pay our undivided attention to everything going on around us. There are no such things as coincidences, and each occurrence in our lives has spiritual significance.

Kathryn Harwig: Life on this planet has always been in flux. What is different now more than at any time in known history is that no one on the planet is separated by physical boundaries any longer. Because of television, cell phones and, most importantly, the internet, what happens anywhere on the planet can be felt, seen and experienced by everyone within minutes. One hundred years ago (actually even 20 years ago) one person could reach enlightenment or perform a miracle and only a handful of people would observe it. Now, it would be on YouTube in a matter of minutes. Perhaps the seers and prophets who foretold the changes coming in 2011 and 2012 knew that by the time those years arrived, we would all be as interconnected as we now are. It is this very connectedness to each other that makes our planet ripe for instantaneous change.

Insiah Beckman: We are at the end of the Kali Yuga, the end of the Bronze Age and the beginning of the Golden Age. With the massive influx of light surging onto the planet, everything is in a state of a huge shift. The economy, Mother Earth, humanity and all life on this planet. Mother Earth, a sentient being, is going through her evolutionary cycle and so is all life on this planet. We are all part of her body – there is no separation, we are all one, what happens to one happens to all. In every moment and every second, consciousness is changing. You are not the same person you were yesterday. We are in a time of massive changes in our evolution as a species. Changes have really speeded up in the last few years and will culminate with the planetary alignment of the Winter Solstice in 2012. One should remember to stay out of fear – especially with all the negative predictions. Nothing is set in stone. Humanity has the capacity and the power to change any dire prediction to a more positive conclusion. Lightworkers all around the globe are working together with light beings to facilitate an easy and joyous transition.

Dolores Cannon: What people need to realize is that we are undergoing a great change in the world, and it’s the first time that it has ever happened in the history of the universe. An entire planet is going to be moving into another dimension. This started about 2003, when its effects became the most noticeable, and it will continue until 2012 and beyond. 2012 is not the end of the world. It’s the end of things as we know them right now. The Earth is changing its frequencies to ascend into this new vibration. This is something people are beginning to notice, because it affects the physical body. In order for us to shift dimension with the Earth, our bodies also have to change frequency and vibration. A lot of people are feeling physical discomfort due to this. People know something is going on, but they don’t know what it is. They go to the doctor, but doctors say nothing is wrong with them and put them on pills anyway. Some of the most noticeable physical effects are high blood pressure, heart palpitations, dizziness, disorientation, depression, and muscle aches and pains. Older people are feeling this the most, because their bodies have a harder time adapting to the change. Children and teens are having the easiest time, because they have come into their bodies with changes in their DNA already in place. Those in the middle, between the teens and the seniors, are having less severe symptoms but need to know what is happening. Such a massive change in vibration must be done gradually, in steps, or else the body would be destroyed. Your vibration or frequency will increase, and then it will level off and the symptoms will go away. And then it will do it again in a few months, and the symptoms will return. If people understand what is happening, it won’t be so hard on them.

We are poised on the brink of a massive evolutionary leap of the human species. - Kathryn Harwig
We are poised on the brink of a massive evolutionary leap of the human species. - Kathryn Harwig

What is actually happening: Is the frequency of everything on Earth quickening? Are we moving from the 3rd to 5th Dimension? Are these the End Times as the Bible says, or is this the beginning of a New Age – and what does that really mean?
Kathryn & Dannion Brinkley: Yes, all of that is happening now. We are definitely moving into higher frequencies. We look at it as the end of one era, and the beginning of another. The Maya referred to this as the end of a phase of Creation that will lead those who are prepared into greater cosmic understanding and spiritual maturity.

Kathryn Harwig: These are end times and beginning times. Our old way of doing things doesn’t work anymore. We are seeing that demonstrated right now by way of our economic changes, with far more changes on the way. We are poised on the brink of a massive evolutionary leap of the human species. Primarily, it will be an intuitive leap, with telepathy becoming accepted and ultimately embraced. While that sounds positive, it will cause a certain amount of fear when people realize they are no longer separate from one another. Lying will be non-productive. Killing will be killing yourself. It will take some time for our species to settle into this new way of relating to each other and to our planet. Miracles will quit being miracles and just be a way of life. This will not happen overnight or in one year, but, it will happen very quickly compared to other evolutionary leaps. This is because we are all so connected to one another. Once a core group of people begin the shift, the rest will either follow or get out of the way.

Insiah Beckman: The frequency of the planet is definitely quickening and moving from 3rd density to 4th and subsequently to the 5th. Time as you know it does not exist. As Mother Earth experiences this shift, so is all humanity and all life on this planet. This is the ascension that has been prophesied in religious scriptures throughout the ages. Ascension does not mean “Rapture” as taught in some teachings. Ascension really means Humanity’s ascension, or rather, an awakening to a higher level of consciousness based on divine love and compassion. This also means changes in the DNA to more of a crystalline structure, where your molecules change from a dense level to more of an expanded level, with more space between them and, in time, to Oneness. It is time to reclaim our divine birthright as children of God and time to awaken to our truth of who we are! We are multidimensional beings having a human experience in this limited 3rd dimensional reality. It is now time to integrate all aspects of ourselves so that we are more in alignment with the energies of the New Earth. These are definitely not the End Times. Prophecies are probabilities. This is the beginning of the new and the end of the old paradigm.

Dolores Cannon: We’re just moving into another dimension, a higher frequency of vibration. Earth is the densest and slowest in the whole solar system, probably in the whole universe. Now, everyone is not going to go with this change. You can’t just change your frequency overnight. It has to be done gradually. Those who are steeped in negativity and karma are going to be held back. They will stay with the old Earth, with what they have created, because that’s all they know. And they will be hung up in karma where they can’t progress. If you’re interested in these changes taking place, then it’s a guarantee that you’re going to go to the new Earth. In my book, I say don’t worry about the ones who think like you do. They’re definitely going to go. And don’t worry about the ones who are deep in negativity, because you’re not going to be able to reach them. They’re going to have to do it on their own. It’s the ones in the middle who have to be told that something is happening, so they’ll understand what is going on right now. A lot of people don’t realize anything is going on. They don’t understand that there is a big change happening here. These are not the End Times. I’ve heard all of this and I’ve been interviewed on all of these documentaries where people think it’s the end of the world. No, it’s not. It’s all in your attitude, really. If you understand a wonderful time is coming, then you can adapt to it.

What are the unseen witnesses to what is taking place on Earth – angels, spirit guides, masters, beings of light or extraterrestrials, for example – doing to assist humanity at this time – and what are they saying about what is taking place?
Kathryn & Dannion Brinkley: Since the very beginning of time on Earth, we have been watched over and assisted by the unseen witnesses, as you call them. This group includes angels, guides, ascended masters, and both extra and inter-dimensional beings. They stand by to watch over our progress and to offer insight and inspiration as we endeavor to evolve, as a species, into a greater understanding of ourselves as members of the universal family.

Kathryn Harwig: Many of us are seeing and will see these “unseen” witnesses. Primarily, they are observing what is happening on our planet. Those who wish to help are giving us information. Some, who wish to “mine” the fear that the changes are prompting, are encouraging us to feel fear. My guides, the Light Collective, are part of the group that is observing and cheerleading and supporting us by way of knowledge. They are urging us to stay away from fear-based emotions during this time. I am told that other than emotional support, knowledge and “cheerleading,” the “good guys” in the spirit realm are staying out of it. We live in a free will universe and what we do in these next few years is our choice. We aren’t likely to be rescued or aided in a physical sense. We will be aided, though, with information and emotional support and love.

Insiah Beckman: All of them – light beings, ascended masters, angels, our space family and many others – are assisting humanity and Mother Earth in every conceivable way to facilitate an easy and smooth transition to its ascension. As we are One, what happens to us affects all of creation. There are other planets that are ascending at the same time. You could say all creation is on an “alert” mode – keeping watch, assisting where they can without interfering with Humanity’s free will choices.

Dolores Cannon: They are watching. This is all up to us. It’s always been up to us. Earth is a planet that was created with free will. They’re here to help, but they cannot interfere. The angels have always been here to help, if we ask. But they can’t interfere. This is the biggest show in the universe. Everybody in outer space and in other dimensions is watching to see if we will be able to pull this off. It’s absolutely essential that we do this. In my lecture I will go into a lot more information about the big plan that they have to help us make this happen.

Make time for yourselves to allow these wonderful energies and frequencies to permeate your being. - Insiah Beckman
Make time for yourselves to allow these wonderful energies and frequencies to permeate your being. - Insiah Beckman

What does the average person really need to do consciously in response to what is taking place? Or do we need to just be present in the moment – awake and consciously aware as possible?
Kathryn & Dannion Brinkley: Certainly, staying in the moment – awake and consciously aware – is a great place to start! Our definition of being conscious means that we live in a perpetual state of love and gratitude. This is the time for each and every one of us to look for ways to be of service to one another and to Divine Spirit. Being alive at this point and time, in the history of the world, is a tremendous opportunity for personal growth and enlightenment.

Kathryn Harwig: The most important thing that any of us can do is to consciously choose to stay out of a fear state. There will be things happening that will seem frightening and concerning. “Staying out of fear” is easy to say and hard to do, but it is possible, at least most of the time. Staying conscious and present in the moment is important. Learning to quiet your mind so that your intuitive voice and your guides can speak is critical. Releasing judgment whenever possible will help a lot. Things will be happening that will be tempting to judge. But, we will not have all the information to even decide if something is good or bad. Learning to go with the flow would be a good habit to develop. A sense of humor will help a lot in these times, too.

Insiah Beckman: One has to be aware and be more conscious of these energies that have been coming through more intensely in the last few years. People are feeling the intensity of the bombardments of light on this planet and are experiencing all kinds of aches, pains and a lack of energy. This is all due to releasing the old and integrating these new frequencies as Humanity transforms into Beings of Light and Love. Make time for yourselves to allow these wonderful energies and frequencies to permeate your being. When you are feeling out of sorts, take a few moments, spend time in your favorite sanctuary, listen to your heart, meditate or go for a walk in nature. Nature is a great healer. Allow and be with the flow. Just be!

Dolores Cannon: Yes, there are two definite things people must do before they can move into the new Earth. First, they must get rid of karma. Karma will hold you to the old Earth. A lot of it comes from family issues. I tell people in my hypnotherapy work that they must forgive and let go. People say, “How can I forgive them? You don’t know what they did to me.” But by holding onto it, you are holding onto karma, and you are only hurting yourself. You’re not hurting the other person. Forgive them, release them and let them go – with love. When you do that, you are free and you can move into the new Earth. Secondly, people need to get rid of fear. Fear is the strongest emotion a human has. Fear is paralyzing, debilitating, and it holds you back. Don’t get caught up in fear, with what’s on TV, the newspapers and the doom and gloom. Think for yourself, make up your own mind and release fear.

Don't get caught up in fear, with what's on TV, the newspapers and the doom and gloom. Think for yourself, make up your own mind and release fear. - Dolores Cannon
Don't get caught up in fear, with what's on TV, the newspapers and the doom and gloom. Think for yourself, make up your own mind and release fear. - Dolores Cannon

What message are you being given now, or have received recently, about momentous changes that will take place on this planet in the next four years?
Kathryn & Dannion Brinkley: The potential for climate changes and catastrophic events remains very real. Everyone needs to take the necessary precautions to protect their families during these chaotic times. A shift in the present paradigm could result in a magnetic shift of the Earth. So, a three-month supply of water, food, medicine and basic fuel is an excellent idea right now. However, collective human consciousness can exhibit a vastly stabilizing affect on the state of the Earth. Each random act of kindness and spiritual activism will serve to secure our future. As greater numbers of us begin the quest for spiritual awakening, the greater our chance will be for a calm and successful transition into the next phase of Creation, one that promises us an expanded reality of ourselves as spiritual beings in physical form.

Kathryn Harwig: The most momentous changes will be inside of us, not outside of us. Of course, there will be earthquakes and fires and floods, but no more than we always have had. The huge changes will be in our power to create and our ability to be intuitive. With those powers will come challenges as our society evolves into a society of telepaths. Do not think that it will be a peaceful, easy, ride. Many people will strongly resist these changes, make fun of and then even persecute the wayshowers. In the next four years, I am told the economy will continue to create havoc and more jobs will be lost. We are being urged to find ways of supporting ourselves that do not necessarily look to anyone else, including the government. I am also told there are huge advances in medicine and in the way our bodies respond to medicine that will increase the average life expectancy dramatically. This, too, will have social consequences as our society has to decide how to deal with a larger population or decrease the number of children being born. Many souls will decide not to come to this planet during this time, and some, who do not wish to ride out this wave, will decide to leave in unusual ways.

Insiah Beckman: The message that I have been given is not to fear any changes, but to allow and honor the transition. Yes, changes are all around us. It is difficult in the human experience to be detached. The important thing is to be aware and check yourself. The next four years could either be tumultuous for some and easy for others, depending entirely on how one adopts and engages the change. If one is in a state of denial, union with Self and Oneness will be a constant battle. Those who are in a state of acceptance and surrender will experience an easier time with the transition.

Dolores Cannon: My information says that it looks like there is hope, that this shift to a higher dimension will take place. For a while, they thought it looked like we were going to end up destroying the Earth. They were very unhappy and sad about what they were seeing. They were really worried about it, but finally it looks like there will be a chance that we will make it. What I will be talking about in my lecture is how we are going to do it. I constantly ask for more information about the shifting to the new Earth, and they tell me, “We can’t tell you, because we don’t even know. We don’t have the answers, because this has never happened before.” They do say that it’s vital that we do make this shift in order to survive. It’s going to be quite wonderful. People don’t realize how wonderful it’s going to be. The old Earth will be where all of the wars and catastrophe and negativity will be left.

How does your particular mission in life dovetail with the needs of the human population at this time, and how are you expressing your mission?
Kathryn & Dannion Brinkley: Since we both have survived near-death experiences, much of our work has been centered around teaching the lessons from Heaven and the significance of the afterlife as they apply to living a fuller, more meaningful life, on this side of the veil. As we look forward to the next four years, in particular, we hope to assist others in strengthening their sense of purpose and power as we face the dawning of this new age. This is a time for renewed hope, not fear and angst. We are in the last days of a mighty change in consciousness within which we will be given the opportunity to go from being global citizens to becoming galactic citizens.

Kathryn Harwig: I have been given the ability to hear Guides and Spirits and allow my guides to speak through me. I must admit I am not sure that is a mission. Some of the time I am not even sure it is a gift. But, their information has been beneficial to me and, I believe, to many who have heard them speak. So, I continue to channel the Light Collective and allow them to give their information to people. My other “mission” is to feel and express joy as much as possible. I hope by doing so, I model a different way of living and being. And, my passion for travel is to learn what all the world looks and feels like. I am not sure if that benefits anyone but me, but, it certainly gives me joy.

Insiah Beckman: I had a visitation by a very well known light being to share and assist people who are ready for their expansion and integration of self, who are ready to take their power back and reclaim the fullness of their being. In other words: “Union with self and with Oneness.”

Dolores Cannon: I am now traveling all over the world to share this message. In addition, I’m still doing hypnotherapy. And I’m doing a lot with healing, because the technique I’ve developed with my hypnosis is not like any other hypnosis technique out there. We have instantaneous healings. We’re having miracles happen everywhere I go with this. So my mission is to teach the healing technique of my hypnosis method, and also along the way to deliver the information they told me to deliver. People all over the world are responding wonderfully. I just returned from my first trip to South Africa, and the response was tremendous. Everyone wants to think of hope. We’re all one. Everywhere I go, the people are the same. There are no differences at all. They all want to care for their families, have a good job and have a nice place to live. Nobody wants war. They don’t want the negativity. Everybody is alike. There is no difference in us. I always tell people, “If you traveled more, there wouldn’t be wars. There wouldn’t be violence. We’d find out that we’re all the same. We all want the same thing.”

What will you share with those who attend your event at Edge Life Expo in November, and how will attending your event assist them in coping with the transformation taking place?
Kathryn & Dannion Brinkley: Our presentation, Reinventing the Spirit, is designed to help our audience release all fear of death as well as the upcoming transition and to embrace a renewed sense of conscious living and loving, both here and in the hereafter. In this most unique timeframe, we are all masters in training. Our present life experiences are a part of an advanced course in holistic spirituality and ethical consciousness. We offer a light-filled, open-hearted perspective, along with easy-to-follow instructions, for gaining true mastery of this advanced wisdom.

Kathryn Harwig: I will be channeling my guides, The Light Collective, who have asked to speak on their eight principles for inner peace and joyful living. These principles, which are very simple and yet extremely profound, can, if incorporated into a person’s life, transform not only that person but the world around them. In these upcoming times, it is more crucial than ever before to have a type of plan for joyful living. As the Light Collective has said, “If you measure your worth by what you own, perhaps you will be disappointed. If you measure your worth by how your life is going, then perhaps you will be joyful. Perhaps it is not the value of your homes that you measure your worth by, but the value of your life. A question to ask would be, “Are you happier when you make more money, or when your house is worth more?” If not, perhaps you would look at joy as a commodity, and invest In joy.

Insiah Beckman: The title of my talk is “Reconnect with your Divine Self.” I will be providing channeled information on the coming energy shift leading up to 2012 and will respond to questions from the audience. Many souls are lost in a myriad of life’s challenges. They will be provided with the tools to reconnect with their divine selves and learn to handle the chaos that most of humanity is presently experiencing. It is time to reclaim your power and your true nature of loving self and others.

Dolores Cannon: I will be speaking about the New Earth. This is the same thing that is written about in the Bible, in Revelation, about the new Heaven and the old Earth. I’ve been all around the world talking about this. I’m heading now to England for a conference there, and then I will be going to Russia. I’ve been to Russia four times this past year. I’m doing a lot of work there with doctors, teaching my technique. Then I’ll be back for a talk in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and then I’ll be going to Istanbul for a huge conference on 2012.

Admission to Edge Life Expo is $9 at the door, and speaker tickets (which include free admission) are extra. Buy tickets online at or call 1.888.776.5244.

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  1. I am a seventy year old former teacher/coach. I have all of a sudden come into this interest in things I never cared about before. Quantum Touch Healing, The reconnection guiding spirits. I am having dreams that I can remember where as I never use to. Am I too old for this change taking place. Would the powers that be still want me? My palms are turning much redder then they have ever been. I don’t understand what is all this mean to me. I have no money so please do not ask me to attend some conference someplace. JUst help me to understand what it is I am to do. I have seen things during bright daylight that others do not see. I have had a warm donutnmove up my body from feet to out my head while I laid down on the bed….I am an educated man and not crazy…Please help me. My hands are vibrating at this moment.

  2. Hi Tom,

    Your comment is interesting. First of all, 70 is not old, and second of all, you are indeed fortunate that you are making these changes. You’ll need to do your own work to educate yourself – as far as what to “do”, well that is nowhere as important as “being”. Just “be” who you are, spread peace and love everywhere, and all will work out. We all have a super positive exciting time ahead of us!

    There are so many good books, I don’t even know where to begin. If you have access to a DVD player, you could rent the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?!” for less than $5.00. That movie is a decent place to begin to understand the nature of this thing we call reality and the connection our consciousnes has to it.

    Enjoy your journey!


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