The Ascension of a Community

    In 1995 I was led to Lake Harriet Spiritual Community (LHSC) when I saw an ad in The Edge for a workshop given by Sunny Baba. He is an avatar/master from Oregon who taught me that there would be a New Earth. Sunny radiated love, light and peace, and his vision was that all the egos unwilling to rise above blame, judgment and guilt would blow themselves up, while those choosing love and appreciation would shift to a new vibration of Earth.

    He had me! I was on a mission to be informed. How could I get to that New Earth ASAP? Well, needless to say it was yet another slooooow process and patience has not been my strongest virtue. I wanted it now. In addition, since I am such a strong wanter, the Universe began slamming my awareness with all the ways my ego was alive,  stubborn and determined to hang on to being right.

    Meanwhile, I observed and felt the conflict among the community members at LHSC. It’s a tall order to honor all paths. Our egos have been attached to being right about our opinions. At the same time, I was falling in love with the place.

    I could feel the energy of unconditional love created by the holy native burial grounds beneath and the magical matrix under the stained glass dome. For me it felt like Heaven on Earth. This unconditional love energy forces anything unlike it to rise. Our choices then are to face our demons and the lies we’ve incorporated to forget our true nature, or blame someone or something else for our discomfort.

    In July, I was able to witness a dream come true, or for me a moment of Heaven on Earth.

    The LHSC service was at the Lake Harriet band shell and the theme was, “We Are All One in Spirit.” I heard Lou Longmire explain his experience learning to tone. He has such an innocent humor when he speaks that it’s not threatening to consider his message to be true. He explained how when our community attempts to match the tone of the crystal singing bowl, at first it sounds awful but then when we find it, the vibration is heavenly. He then had us listen to a choir of bells and encouraged us to let the music flow through, knowing that the feeling was the love that we are.

    Now keep in mind that I have been in the process of releasing many past lives where I was crucified for teaching love (as many of us have), so I was using my keen peripheral vision, looking around wondering if I needed to duck and cover, but everyone seemed peaceful and I was able to enjoy the moment. Michael Underwood was laughing while he asked, “Where’s the love?” Carol McCormick, the brilliant storyteller, shared her simple, pure metaphors to teach that we’re all one family. And Michael Monroe played his incredibly inspiring and uplifting music.

    There is now a new generation at LHSC without the old baggage. These people are showing us how to follow our hearts and not be influenced by the judgment of others. At the same time, they are willing to listen to those of us who are more seasoned, that it’s a process of releasing the old layers of doubt and fear. I really didn’t know what to expect for a New Earth. My experience today is that I have forgiven myself, placed myself first and am now looking through the lenses of love instead of fear. In response, I see the community at LHSC working together to make itself and the world a better place to be.

    Thank God, or what I see as the love energy that flows through every living thing, and bless us all.

    Watch for the upcoming, “Be Love Now Homecoming” celebration at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 13, at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, 4401 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis. Visit



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