Crossing the Bridge of Time


Do you wonder why a certain place seems familiar even though you have never been there? Or perhaps you met someone new and immediately feel like best friends? Have you had reoccurring dreams? Or dreams that felt so real that you’re sure they were?

hypnosisYou don’t have to believe in reincarnation to be intrigued by the concept of a past life.

Past life regression hypnotherapy is a tool to help you find purpose and clarity in your current life. You may have a simple fascination to experience a past life, be led to make life-altering choices, or release negative patterns.

When you decide to have a past life hypnotherapy session, it is essential that you have an intention in mind. What do you want to learn from the experience? What do you want to learn about yourself?

Even though you may set an intention, keep an open mind to whatever is revealed to you during the session. I had a client who was at a turning point in his life and wanted to verify that he was making the right choice. His first past life impression was looking at a man who was behind bars in a dungeon. Although we tried to move on to another event, he could not get past the initial man in the dungeon. He soon observed the man’s horrifying, grotesque death and felt it as his own.

Because of the traumatic death, I used healing methods that called in white light, guides, angels and ancestors. During the healing, I intuitively kept getting a push that someone else wanted to come through. As the figure approached, my client knew immediately who it was. It was his brother from this life who had died very young. His brother’s messages of comfort and reassurance were clear. Although the intention wasn’t to connect with the Other Side, it was the validation that my client needed.

Some people experience one past life during a hypnotherapy session, while others may review three or four. Some people understand the lesson in one life, while others need to see a pattern through many lives. Everyone’s experience is unique. The main aspect is to allow yourself to go wherever you need to go for your highest good. The answer is simple: Trust in yourself – for you already hold the answers.

People often ask me if their experience was “real” or if they were just “making it up.” I absolutely believe that what they experienced was real. After all, they had real visions and real feelings during their hypnotherapy session. It is like watching a movie with intense emotions. You become so connected with the characters and entranced in the scenes that you may cry or get angry.

Such it is with hypnotherapy.

When you begin to experience a past life, bits and pieces of that life are slowly revealed to you. You can receive information by seeing, feeling or hearing, telepathically, or just a deep sense of knowing. You might only see your environment, your shoes, or get a feeling in your body. Soon, like a movie, the camera begins to pan out and more of the scene is revealed.

As you move between the scenes, the life lessons begin to present themselves. Whether the past life was truly real, or not, becomes irrelevant. The past becomes a metaphor for what you need to learn in your current life. What lessons does this show me? What was the purpose of that life? How does it relate to my current life?

I had a client who experienced a past life in the African savanna. She felt a tremendous heaviness in her chest. An elephant had trampled her. She could sense that her people were looking for her, but when she cried out, no one could hear her. Was it important that the elephant was real? No. Her story parallels her current life and clearly revealed her feelings of not being heard.

Often, the lessons are simple. How can they be anything else when we quiet our mind, body and spirit and just listen? Our life on earth is not meant to be innately complicated. We make it that way when we feel unconnected to our Source and our Spirit. Be conscious of the present moment and ask yourself, “What do I need to learn today?” Then take a few slow deep breaths and listen.

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Jill Hendrickson
Jill Hendrickson is a certified Master Hypnotherapist and member of the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists. She specializes in Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy and Tarotpy®. For more information, go to Jill's website at


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