Young boy eliminates fear of snakes


I recently read in a Pittsburgh Tribune online article about 8-year-old James Leininger, who has been reliving memories of a past life: that of Lt. James McCready Huston, a World War II fighter pilot from Uniontown who was killed near Iwo Jima more than 50 years before James was born. Maybe many of you have heard this story by now, as his story is documented in the book Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot (2009, Grand Central Publishing).

hypnosisJames experienced nightmares of this event, which began shortly after his father took him to visit a Dallas flight museum when he was 18 months old. Apparently at age two and a half, James began sharing knowledge of aviation that could not be known by a typical toddler, or by his parents for that matter. James’ parents, Bruce and Andrea, eventually realized their son’s assertions were accurate and that something beyond the tangible was occurring. They contacted Lt. Huston’s sister, Anne Barron, and a cousin Bob Huston, who after meeting the boy and discussing his experiences, believe he is in fact Lt. Huston reincarnated. While this is not an entirely unusual occurrence, it certainly has brought to light phenomenal evidence and validation to the connections we have to our past lives.

How many past lives we have had is different from person to person, but most people alive today have had more than one past life. With the multiple civilizations that have come and gone, there seems to be a great deal of us here from several of those now extinct civilizations.

Exploring who you once were through hypnosis is a wonderful way to uncover habits, tendencies or patterns in this lifetime that are no longer useful, assisting you in releasing those tendencies and creating a clean slate to build upon.

I was recently led to an 11-year old young man named Quinn whose mother was concerned about his fear of going outdoors. He had a fear of snakes and would avoid grass and tree-covered areas at all costs. The cost became a joyful childhood of adventure and play. It was affecting his social relationships, because while his friends wanted to run and play in the woods, Quinn would freeze in fear and return home surrendering to defeat.

During our session, he experienced a frightening time long ago where his family was kidnapped (later we would discover they were murdered). It was unpleasant for him, but he did not seem disturbed to be witnessing and reliving such intense memories. After that, he was taken by a distant relative to live. It was a confusing time, and he could not understand why he couldn’t stay in his childhood home. He remarked about being around the age of 11 in this past life, and a boy. This relative, like an uncle, was in trouble and the two of them eventually were separated, someone taking Quinn to a remote area where he was put into a pit of none other than snakes. He was apparently left there, with no food or water until he finally perished.

What Quinn learned from the experience is that his fears now are completely irrational. While he was undergoing a life review, he began to understand how those events were controlling his happiness and freedom. His fear of going into the woods represented not only the fear of snakes, but of losing his family, as well. The inner wisdom and insight came through Quinn in such a way that his mother and I looked at each other in disbelief, as if we were hearing a great master or at least a mature adult respond to what had recently played out.

A short time ago I spoke with Quinn’s mother to see how he was responding to the work we did together. He is now playing with his friends in the grass and in the woods. The hesitation in the beginning was brief, but once he realized there was nothing to fear, and with gentle guidance from his mother, he now experiences a healthy appetite for adventure including the outdoors.

Explore your tendencies, habits, relationships or life challenges through past life regression. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

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