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Earlier today I got a phone call from a friend who is studying hypnosis. Her first class was Saturday. One of the exercises they did was to create a safe place for themselves. Just this morning as I was lying in bed thinking about the day ahead, I was thinking how much I needed a safe place. As we discussed the need for a safe place, my friend told me how important it was as a child to have a safe place. She said that was a big part of her hypnosis lesson, learning to help clients find their safe place and the reasons why.

hypnosisAll this discussion reminded me of the hypnosis sessions I’ve experienced in the past. I realized that the reason we need that safe place is because we subconsciously hide things from our conscious mind. The most common reason for this is because we are trying to protect certain parts of ourselves. Most of us have memories from experiences we had in childhood or past lives where we did not feel protected. We guard these memories, or vulnerabilities, as a way of feeling safe. This causes conflict and sets limitations, and it can be so painful that we are stopped in our tracks, but we don’t know why on a conscious level.

As my day went on, I thought more about this whole process, the need for emotional safety, and why I chose hypnosis. Having been aware of my psychic and intuitive gifts for most of my life, I often felt conflict within myself. While I was growing up, it was not acceptable to be psychic. It was very scary for me to let anyone know this was my reality.

I have always been able to feel a person’s soul essence and know their truth. If they were telling me something that was out of alignment with that truth, I would feel it as physical pain within me. However, they had no reason to lie to me, and I so wanted to believe them.

By using hypnosis from a professional hypnotherapist – as well as self-hypnosis – I could connect with my subconscious to get answers to these difficult questions or situations, and hypnosis is a great way to get confirmation about what I knew as truth and what I was feeling as physical pain due to their misaligned energy.

Another very important reason I chose hypnosis was to get answers to my own tough questions: Why am I here? Am I on the right track? Why did I choose a particular situation in this lifetime? Hypnosis helped answer these questions for me by bringing the information from my subconscious mind to my conscious mind, all the while feeling I was in a safe place to do so.

We can only access information that is for our highest good at the time. If we are not prepared, or if it will not serve our highest good to know something, the information will not be available to us. I had this experience in one of my first hypnosis sessions. While my mind was saying I was ready to know something, my soul knew it was not the right time. I was protected from the information until a later date when I could consciously accept the knowing.

I found hypnosis to be a wonderful tool to help me with my life’s journey. All the information I brought forth from my subconscious was positive. It was like putting together more pieces to my life’s puzzle. Having the conversation with my friend this morning reminded me how important it is to be aware of my safe place. I will continue to use hypnosis to find answers and information as I need it.

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