Heeding the Call: Reiki Rescue Squad


Remember a few months back, when Tim, editor of The Edge, ended his column by encouraging us all to do our part in bringing our best healing intentions to others? When I read that I said to myself, “Yes, I can explain Reiki Rescue Squad, which I already do, and share it with others!”

reikiIt is time now to share Reiki Rescue Squad with you, and ask others to join me.

It all began a number of years ago, when my mother-in-law, Dixie, was in town to attend a holistic expo with us.

She and I were strolling the aisles, when, suddenly, we heard a scream. An older woman in a winter coat was standing near a home-made roulette wheel, bleeding a bit.

Upon pushing the wheel, her coat had gotten caught on a nail, and the nail had broken her skin. Right away, Dixie and I had thought about Reiki Rescue Squad, and we both went up to her, asking if she would like some healing energy. She said yes, and we found a chair to be able to hold her hand and share Reiki with her. In a matter of a couple of minutes, her pain went away and we went our separate ways, wishing each other well.

This is a hands-on example, but absentee Reiki Rescue Squad is more prevalent, and an early example would be when my husband, then fiancé, had found himself with a spastic colon in the hospital. I joined Dixie and members of his Reiki circle in Missouri in sending Reiki to him at that time, and his healing was fast and sure!

Since that time, when a family member or friend has asked for healing, I have called on my husband and Dixie, as well as other Reiki friends, to share in an absentee healing circle, of sorts.

I invite other Reiki II practitioners and Reiki Masters to join me in this service to our fellow humankind. I am creating a Facebook page for Reiki Rescue Squad, where folks can share a need for Reiki with those of us who do absentee healing.

Absentee Reiki sent by numerous healers to individuals will increase the balancing and healing powers of the energy, exponentially!

Let’s pass along the goodness of Reiki to bring balance and well-being to humanity and the Earth!

Visit the “Reiki Rescue Squad” on Facebook, or call 651.735.2863 or email [email protected] for more information.

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  1. Just wish to let you know I just found your article through Google Alerts so I went to the facebook site and hit the fans Button some great thank yous on F/B well done


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