‘The Intention Experiment’ part of Dan Brown’s new book


    “…Human consciousness, as Noetic author Lynne McTaggart described it, was a substance outside the confines of the body. A highly ordered energy capable of changing the physical world. Katherine (Solomon) had been fascinated by McTaggart’s book ‘The Intention Experiment’, and her global, web-based study – theintentionexperiment.com – aimed at discovering how human intention could affect the world.” – From The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown

    Referenced in Dan Brown’s new thriller, The Lost Symbol, is the work and book from leading human consciousness expert and award-winning journalist Lynne McTaggart. Her book, The Intention Experiment, which is mentioned specifically in Brown’s thriller, is the first to present scientific evidence for the power of intention.

    intentionHer ongoing research tests the power of intention, just as Brown’s character, Katherine Solomon, does in The Lost Symbol. Solomon’s main interest and belief is that the power of thought grows bigger the more people think the same thought at the same time. McTaggart’s work and research shows that this is not only possible, but that it is already happening around the world and is based on revolutionary scientific discoveries now being developed at some of the world’s leading universities.

    “The specific mind-over-matter experiments mentioned in The Lost Symbol have actually been carried out by credible scientists in academic centers around the world,” says McTaggart. In her own experiments, McTaggart has worked with scientists at the University of Arizona, Penn State University, University of California at Davis, Princeton University, and other prestigious universities in Europe.

    McTaggart has involved tens of thousands of people from 90 countries around the globe to participate in the largest mind-over-matter experiments in history, completing 19 experiments from 2007 to date. From changing the basic property of leaves, to making seeds sprout and grow twice as fast as normal, from altering the essential structure of water, to lowering violence, McTaggart and her global laboratory have sent intention to controlled scientific targets, demonstrating that thoughts can create physical change in material objects – that there really is “mind over matter.”

    The success of McTaggart’s global intention experiments proves that Brown’s work is not just the stuff of fiction. With her next experiment just days away, McTaggart continues to test the power of intention in ongoing research. Thousands of people have signed up to send their intentions at the same time in a global “group think” to a sample of tap water to purify it and make it more like mineral water.

    As Janet Maslin writes in the New York Times, “One of the theories espoused by Dan Brown’s new book is that when many people share the same thought, that thought can have physical effects… (The character) Dr. Katherine Solomon specializes in noetic science, with its focus on mind-body connections. She admits that her field is not widely known. But when her story comes out, she suggests, noetics could get the kind of public relations bump that Mr. Brown gave to the Holy Grail.”

    For more information, visit www.theintentionexperiment.com.

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