The Three Treasures: Integrating Balance

    The concept of the triad or the trinity has existed over immeasurable time and throughout nearly every belief system. Most religions, as well as cosmological constructs, subscribe to the importance of the number three. Three provides the first geometrical figure, since three lines are necessary to form a plane figure. Three dimensions of length, breadth and height are necessary to form a cube. Three stands for that which is solid, complete and whole. There are three divisions of creation: birth, life and death.

    hyderIn Christianity, God is represented by the trinity: father, son and holy spirit. The Chinese also have implemented the paradigm of three in their culture. Their concept of karma spans three lifetimes: past, present and future. They have built their philosophical foundation on three belief systems: Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism.

    From the three little pigs, to the three bears, to the three Magi, the number three has had a universal and timeless importance that rivals all other numbers.

    The Chinese also propose that the Universe is comprised of three interlocking layers. These layers or aspects are known as the three treasures or gifts and are referred to as heaven, earth and humanity. In other terms they may more commonly be called “mind, spirit, body” or “mind, breath, body.”

    The first treasure is heaven, which represents the cosmic energy of the earth, as well as the spiritual aspect of a person. More specifically, it represents the elements we have no control over, such as the moon and stars, the seasons, astrological conjuncts, and cycles of change. Although we cannot change any of the heaven energy, we can learn to work with its flow, to anticipate its cycles, and to integrate its magnificence.

    Earth represents the topological and environmental energy. This element not only includes the shape of the land, the position of the rivers, and the influence of mountains on our quality of life, but also the form and circumstances of the kind of dwelling we have. The earth ch’i relies on the interaction of yin and yang, and now the balance of these two polarities can bring about balance, harmony and wellness in ourselves. Some of the aspects of earth energy can be changed and others cannot.

    The humanity energy represents the social and personal components a person has inherited. This includes the political and cultural environment, as well as family and relatives. In addition, this includes our own personality, our ideals and visions, and our innate body energy. Many of the aspects of humanity energy can be influenced and changed to create more harmony for ourselves.

    All three of these aspects express an integral part of each person’s make-up. According to Chinese belief, all three treasures must be considered to attain overall balance and a good flow of both inner and outer energy.

    This is a time of expansion, which brings with it exhilaration, as well as chaos and hope, along with despair. Our society and our mental constructs are based on old paradigms and systems that aren’t working any more and are obviously losing effectiveness. We are aware that a lot of what we’ve created and relied on for our stability and focus is changing. We either have to change as well or close our eyes to where our true power lies.

    As a result, many have begun the dance of mind, spirit and body awareness, looking for vision and form. But it’s hard to do this alone. Our hearts have taken a back seat to our mind games, so it’s easy to lose the way and to lose hope. To address this phase of the journey, a new program is now available, designed to guide, grow and support your spiritual evolution. The Three Treasures: Expanding Awareness life mastery program is a collaborative effort to help you explore and integrate the aspects of each of the three treasures. This journey will expand your awareness from within, enabling you to move as one in mind, spirit and body. Your life will naturally take on greater fulfillment; blessings will occur in abundance.

    It may be time to uncover your own buried treasures.



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