We Are Eternal


This is the second article based on The Eight Principles of Inner Peace as channeled by the Light Collective through Kathryn Harwig. These principles are simple, yet profound, and apply to all beings in the cosmos. The essence of all eight principles is inner peace, and personal empowerment – the powerful ability of humans to create the world of their choosing.

The second principle is: We Are Eternal. All major religions of the world believe in the concept of eternal life. Our life here on earth was not our beginning, and our death will not be an ending. The Light Collective tells us:

“There is no way for you not to exist. This is true of all beings. Since you are eternal, it’s wise to spend eternity in a joyful state, and a growth state. Eternity is a long time and you must do something. Therefore, you periodically decide to come to various places and be various people, and also various beings on other cosmos and other planets.

“Many, if not all of you, have lived lives on other planets, and certainly all of you have lived in other dimensions or spirit. The world you go to after you pass is another dimensional state. Heaven, as you call it, is another dimensional state, many other dimensional states.

“Your defining characteristic is your curiosity. You will not forget anything that you have learned on this planet nor any other time. When you cease to become a human being and return to spirit, you will analyze what you have learned and you will decide what you would further wish to learn. Perhaps you will return here for another bout of humanness, or perhaps you will return to another dimension or being in another place.”

As we pass into spirit, we initially see what our belief system has created. If you believe you will see harps and angels, that is what you will see. If you believe that you will have 24 virgins because you have killed someone, that is what you will get. Of course this is temporary. You will soon realize this is not enhancing your goal to grow, and you will go on to live a full life on the other side, free of the challenges of earth.

We know, since we are all one, that we can communicate with each other. However, spirits often are not available when they are newly passed, because they are in the process of evaluating life and healing. When spirits first pass, they are allowed as much time to heal from the experience of passing – which for some is quite difficult – as they need. All spirits are well cared for from the minute they pass to forever.

The Light Collective reminds us that our dead are not dead. They are merely in a different place, and they desire that those of us left behind grieve their passing happily. They have never really left us, because they are able to visit us and watch over us as we continue to live our lives here on earth. When we ask the Light Collective if they are happy, they would ask, “What time are you asking?” They are like us. If someone asks us “Are you happy?” we would say “When?”

The purpose of going to the other side between lives is to release anger and forgive. If you don’t do this, you will come back angry. We choose if and when we will reincarnate. Wise souls wait hundreds of years between incarnations.

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