A New Dawn! A Source for A Source!


    Questions and answers, more questions and more answers! But where does it all begin? Where does it all flow from? The answers are numerous, the names are always changing, and the answers often conflict! Who is God? What is God? Why is God? Where is God? Why have there been so many Gods? Do we need one or multiple Gods? Have these Gods needed us and we were not aware of it? Whoa, that is a radical thought and question! Let us also ask, is God “Source”? Or, has “Source” existed long before the concepts and ideologies of any God?

    Names, labels and descriptions are just some of the ways that those in spirit, as well as human beings, attempt to place into a box that which cannot fit into a box. Why? Is it our way, is it your way, is it another’s way of attempting to box the infinite into a finite box to feel more comfortable within our human existence? Yet, is “that” which is believed to be infinite really infinite? Or is it just a larger, more expansive version of finite? From the human perspective, with our simple human eyes, the universe appears to be infinite! Yes, with the aid of telescopes we can see the infinite universe is actually finite.

    In a similar way, yet different, is the ascension, evolution and conscious awakening process taking place within us and around us. Are we similar to scientists, exploring and delving deeper into the vast reaches of the infinite to understand it in a more expansive, yet finite way? What are we all about and how are we all connected? We have intrigue, curiosity and a deeply embedded desire to understand “that” which is infinite, so we can expand the finite boxes that each of us live in, or have created for our Self by listening to others.

    The Edge encourages a sharing of talent, ideas and understandings for those who read it each month! This offers each of us the opportunity to read, expand our finite box and then connect with others in a more personal way to encourage the finite box expansion project.

    It is safe to say that The Edge is a “Source” many tap into! What if the infinite was simply trillions and gazillions of finite energies or boxes overlapping with each other? What if beyond the infinite “Source,” as it was experienced and understood, was a more infinite “Source,” and beyond that energy was a more infinite “Source” – all finite in their nature, but infinite in their possibilities and potential?

    What if the conscious energy, the conscious essence that was “Source” of this Universe, believed to Be infinite, but actually is finite, is giving way to a new, more infinite, yet finite, “Source”? It’s like the cold conditions of a Minnesota winter giving way to the warm breezes of spring. The difference is that the “Source” cycle of change takes much longer to materialize as it transforms everything it touches. The warm breezes of the new “Source” energy are gradually influencing everything and every “One”! Did you believe it was the same “Source” and that there was only one “Source”?

    I am not telling you what to believe. I am just suggesting that the old “Source” energy of the Experience of Self is giving way to the new “Source” energy of the Relationship with Self! As this takes place, the focus is from that which exists outside of Self, towards that which exists inside of Self. The focus shifts from the Gods around us to the “Source” that is “Self” within us.

    So instead of asking others what they believe is true – or asking the Gods that still remain connected to the old “Source” energy – ask your “Self“! Invite the new “Source” energy of the Relationship with Self to embrace your body, your essence and your total “Self” in every present moment of now. Then ask your Self: “Self, (followed by the specific question you desire to ask)”! The answers will be there for you. Maybe not in your timing, but in the most impeccable of moments.

    It has long been my contention that there can be millions of different answers. It all depends upon the question you are asking and the individual who is asking. Every answer is relative to the asker! Listen to your own answers and know they are for You! Then choose to believe what you choose to believe. But believe it because it is your truth, not something another has told you to believe.

    Trust your Self! Know your Self! Appreciate your Self! Learn through your Self! Discover the balance within you Self!

    When everything is said and done, it is all about you, as a “Source,” which has the answers for your “Self”! Encourage and allow every other being to discover his/her own truth, too – always knowing that truth is finite, but the true energy of Self is infinite!

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    Ricki Lee Schuster
    Ricki Lee Schuster has been transitioning, transforming and releasing energy since 1999. If you are interested in contacting Rick, he can be reached at [email protected] or through www.greattreehealing.com. Rick currently lives in Worthington, MN, and makes multiple trips a month to work out of the Twin Cities. 


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