Transforming Our Species Part 2


A radically different way of life and of being is calling us, with every breath. If you listen deep inside, you can sense its voice. As a flower blooms and a baby matures, as a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, so we as human beings are now metamorphosing into something new. Something radically different is beckoning us. It is the unknown.

I invite you to realize that this opportunity is here now. It’s time has come. Whether or not you individually embark upon this journey is not in itself important. It will happen anyway. For our species has reached the point where it must transform. It has no choice.

Universal consciousness is able to taste the great diversity of our experience through the billions of human beings that compose its very cells. For although we may think of ourselves as individuals, we are making a collective journey as a species and as an integral part of the greater universe. We have provided the greater universe with a unique opportunity to enjoy this entire adventure, to witness it all, through our eyes.

Until now, as our species continued to grow in a state of immaturity, we have been left free to destroy ourselves and our home, the planet earth. We have been left alone to indulge in wars, power, possessions, injustice and many other traits that are foreign to much of the cosmos. Now we are being gently asked for something else – that we take full responsibility for our own creation, and that we become conscious in a new way — fully aware of who we are among the myriad life forms that inhabit universal space. To live in peace, without hostility, aggression or territory. To know at every moment that we are interconnected to everything in the universe, and that whatever harm we appear to do, we do to ourselves.

Remember that there has likely not been a single day in your life when you have lived outside of the agreed upon frames of reference of your society, your prior conditioning, your religious upbringing, and your countless and mostly unconscious habits and routines. Understandably, this is all you have ever known. It is difficult to conceive of how limiting this has been. Of all the infinite number of ways you could have lived, you have been locked into repeating this same basic patterning again and again. Even if you have spent considerable time in examining and trying to change these patterns, this has likely occurred within the context of the general mindset and customs of your society. This implies a prevalent way of thinking, a dependency on the mind, a fear of potential problems or calamities, a fixation on controlling yourself and your environment, and innumerable other attributes which have become ingrained in your behavior. Even if you are aware of and have consciously resisted these influences, the resistance itself cannot change them.

None of this is necessary. It is simply a natural consequence of how your family life or society or past life experiences have developed and imprinted themselves upon you. And while you might have had a very different and far less mind-dominated experience if you had grown up in an indigenous society, the influences of that society would in their own way be just as limiting.

What if you could just leave all of this behind you, in its entirety?

It can only exist within you with your approval. You sustain it in each moment through consciously and unconsciously supporting the multiple habits and patterns that you have learned from billions of ongoing sense impressions. These have imprinted your brain much as data fills a computer, and it is gradually deleted, along with the entire programs that process it. You will find that the past itself is recreated as you witness and hold your life from a very different place, and you will clearly recognize that much of what you consider to be yourself, including your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, has little to do with who you really are.

Focus on seeing your journey from as wide a place as possible and you will see that who you are is an eternal being. Your prior way of seeing the world gradually recedes.

For as you do so, your relationship to the entire universe changes radically. You no longer process information or see the world through the distorted lens of the ego-mind or the collective eye of your family or society. As your brain becomes free of its past programming, you become consciously aware of yourself as an integral part of the greater universe. From this new experience, you realize that nothing has gone wrong. Everything simply is.

And in each moment, another potential presents itself out of the unknown, which you now experience with a sense of wonder and gratefulness.

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Jonathan Krown and Johana Sand
Authors Jonathan Krown and Johana Sand serve as catalysts and guides for those who are seeking support or guidance on the awakening journey. They have no association with any doctrine or philosophy. Contact them for more information and introductory meeting times.


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