Charter school based on inner awareness stays open


ST. LOUIS PARK, MN – Quest Academy, (grades 5-12) is the first public school in the country to have consciousness, human capacity and the interconnectedness of life as a central theme, and centering practices as its touchstone. Unfortunately, the state’s attempt to close the budget deficit by deferring 27 percent of school funds nearly caused them to close their doors.

In addition to tremendous effort and sacrifice by the board and staff, parents at the fledgling charter school raised $50,000 – literally overnight – to keep their school from closing its doors. The funds raised have bought time for a more concerted fund-raising initiative and enrollment campaign. Parent efforts reflect the depth of their appreciation for how much their children have gained from being a student at such a unique school.

One mother explained, “My son had lost faith in his ability to do well educationally; he was a D student with no motivation to succeed academically, or personally. Quest Academy has turned a sullen, angry, frustrated young man into a motivated, articulate, and confident student. Quest saw him as I did – smart, articulate, funny, creative and needing help to believe in himself again.”

For enrollment information, contact Nathan Davis at [email protected] or 952.285.4100.

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