Checking the Alignment


It is now three years until December of 2012, and no matter your beliefs about that date you are probably feeling the acceleration of change. I would have written exhilaration, but that may not be how you see it, given the wild ride these past months.

If you consider yourself a person who is moving into the new experience on earth, you’re already familiar with the challenges of re-making your life during this transition. Unknown to most people is the extra thrust of attention we’ve been receiving from those in Spirit who are assisting the transformation. At Lightsmith, we learned in September that the coming years are now expected to bring more intensity than was originally hoped for by the masters guiding the plan. Much of humanity has been unwilling to release from numerous illusions, so a little extra assistance is on the way. I suppose it’s like those times in my life when I haven’t taken either the first, second or third hint, so I receive a boot to the rear to get my attention.

People who are more consciously making the move out of the matrix of Duality have been nudged along at a quickening pace for several weeks. Why? Because it’s easier to make the shift now in a time of relative stability, and a larger group is needed to stabilize and grow the new field while the old structures continue their collapse. Also needed during the larger transition are oases of calm, understanding and guidance for what is taking place. What has been learned about making this transition will soon be a welcomed resource by the next wave of people who find their world changing in sudden and unexpected ways.

What will be of great value are people who are able to stay out of drama, who can maintain clarity amid chaos, and who understand that love knows the way. Some of those who will exhibit such qualities are the people now being prompted into greater personal alignment and deeper embodiment of self. It is difficult to be a guide if you haven’t made the trip yourself.

Right now the energies are calling people into alignment, a process of bringing your self to yourself. Alignment means discerning on deep levels what fits for you going forward and what doesn’t. Alignment is acting on what you know is true for yourself, not what others proclaim is true for you. Alignment prompts you to deal with things in your life that don’t work and have been avoided. Alignment is a prerequisite for greater embodiment, because more of you can not enter this experience when you are not authentic. Coming into alignment means dropping the lifeless and choosing life, which has its challenges when we’ve had so much practice listening to everybody but ourselves.

The challenges to humanity are about to increase in magnitude, because now is the time of choosing to move into alignment – or not. Hints one, two and three have already been given, and you know what comes next. While seemingly harsh, I invite you to draw upon your own memory of what it took to move you out of your conditioned comfort zone and onto a new path. Did you make your needed changes willingly or were you confronted with circumstances that ultimately gave you few pleasant options? Our conditioning by fear has been long, strong and deep, and prompting the process of fundamental change large scale may take some large-scale jolts.

I see ahead of us the liberation of spirit we have been working toward all along. The transition is challenging, but the outcome is worth it all. You may have noticed that I don’t write in flowery prose about our future, but that doesn’t mean I am not in awe at what is taking place.

We are becoming that which we have envisioned, although the process may be different than we imagined. I’m betting that the future is also quite different than we have imagined, so I offer no pictures of what we may find there. All I know is that for right now it is important to stay in one’s own process of coming into alignment while the larger process of dissolving melts the illusion around us. Now you see it, now you don’t. Or is it the other way around?

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