Empowering the Self


Are our desires too big or too much for us to fulfill on our own? Sometimes yes, but more often it is that we are too big for our own desires. By that I mean that once we hit a road block in our search, we let that discouraging feeling get to the core of who we are. We then let that become our excuse for not leading a successful existence.

We forget how divinely powerful we are in our creation process. Others see us hit the obstacle and rush to comfort us – bless their hearts. Clearly we enjoy this affection, so we let ourselves become dependent and stay there, rather than moving further towards our goal on our own two feet. Surely it’s always nice to have those loving and motherly arms around us, telling us it will be all right, and there are times we do need that for a short time, but we must also be keen on when it’s time to let those arms release us.

This is the time we will experience our greatest freedoms, as spiritual beings having human experiences! We are free to make mistakes, free to live, free to simply exist the way we see fit.

The self-empowerment I speak of actually comes naturally to us. Like a bank account that has always been there, we just need to know how to make that all-important withdrawal. Believe it or not, we make the withdrawal by having faith in ourselves. It really is that easy.

Embracing this faith in ourselves becomes the most “power-full” way to live. When starting a project, only see the positive outcomes. Try not to even entertain anything other than the positive. With this inner power, we can and will conquer any obstacle in our paths that would keep us from attaining our highest lifestyle possible! Look at how often we can create a negative situation for ourselves. Know that this kind of creating is just as powerful, if not more so, than the ability to create pain for ourselves.

Step into your power and feel the peace and love radiate from everywhere around you. You’ll know you’re there by the way people respond to you. You’ll feel it, the contentment of knowing that everything is in place and flowing. The occurrences around you will always mirror where your spirit is at any given time. Keep this in mind as your tool for guidance, and I have every faith that you will find your power to create the masterpiece of your soul’s true desire!

Now, get out there and take a risk…alone…and step into the person you’re destined to become! Complete your part of the living orchestra in the world.

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Mandy Cassler
Mandy Cassler resides in the Twin Cities and enjoys the great outdoors in addition to writing whenever she is able. Currently she is a full time, non-traditional student seeking her degree. Mandy's passion for living and loving often outshines just about anything else that she does. Her other passions are her family and friends. Life is never complete without either.


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