Faith: The common thread in a diverse world

These days, many of us have more worries on our minds than we did two years ago. Most people are concerned about their jobs and their bank accounts. And if you are not personally concerned, you are most likely close to someone who is more anxious than usual. This is a time when all of us must remember that faith is power.

Faith is the belief that things will get better and that which seems impossible is possible. It has often been said, “Thoughts are things and they change our lives.” If we have thoughts that life will get better, then our creative imaginations are able to create solutions to our problems and we travel down the road of success. If on the other hand, our thoughts keep telling us that life will not get better, then we are likely to create unhappy times and travel down the road of a less successful life. Which road do you choose to travel?

Traveling the powerful road of faith is the best choice! Faith is powerful because as more and more of us send out positive thoughts, those thoughts act like threads of positive energy weaving together, blanketing the earth in faith. Faith unites us all in a spiritual global atmosphere.

Despite all the different religions, ideologies, dogmas and personal beliefs, we are all one people. A tribal woman in Africa, a person of the Jewish faith, a Buddhist Monk, a devout Catholic, a Muslim or members of Spiritualism and Unity: They all share faith. No matter what spiritual community we are part of, faith is the connecting thread of positive thought that can help us as a world to raise the spiritual consciousness of all peoples. As we become better human beings through the power or faith, we are able to make better decisions for our personal lives and for the global community.

The good news is that with a little discipline and motivation, we can all choose to embrace the power of faith. Faith belongs to everyone, no matter who you are. Give faith a chance.

Spiritual Practice of Daily Faith Affirmations
Bring power to your faith by using daily faith affirmations as a tool. An affirmation is a positive statement to be repeated several times in your mind or spoken out loud. As you repeat the affirmation, you are sending helpful messages to your body, mind and spirit. Each time you repeat an affirmation of faith, you are reminding yourself to remain positive as you are presented with the challenges that each day brings.

Use faith affirmations throughout the day and watch your life change. The power of your faith will make each day a good day, no matter what happens. Travel the road of faith and your moods will be better – those around you will be energized by your presence. This will lead to improved personal relationships and more progress in the workplace. The power of daily faith affirmations can only help you and others. There are no bad side effects – only positive results!

In The Morning
Begin each day with an affirmation of your faith in the goodness of life. Faith is yours every morning if you will receive it and then infuse faith into your thoughts.

Start of Day Affirmation: I give thanks for the life that I am living and for every breath I take. As I begin this day, I will walk the path of faith.

Throughout the Day: Repeat the Cycles of Life Affirmation, below, whenever you need a quick boost in your ability to be a positive and powerful person. As you go through your day, there are bound to be cycles of happiness and disappointment. However, when we walk the calming path of faith and evoke its powers, we have an acceptance of life and can handle any situation that presents itself. While we may at times be tempted to ride the emotional roller coaster, with its crazy ups and downs, the power of faith reminds us that the emotional roller coaster is a “no no” for us. We remain calm and focus on all the positive blessings of the day: the warm greeting from a friend and the laughter we share with others. Keep your personal power high all day with this affirmation.

Cycles of Life Affirmation: I give thanks for the day that I am living and its blessings. With the power of faith I can focus on all the positive things that are happening. I will continue to make good decisions and remain calm.

Late Afternoon
At some point in the late afternoon, take a two-minute “faith break.” Many of us tend to feel a drop in our energy at this time, and our personal power may be at its lowest point. This is a time to renew your faith in yourself and in the future of this day. Drinking in the energies of renewed faith can be as refreshing as a cool glass of water on a hot day.

Afternoon Renewal of Faith Affirmation: I take a moment to get in touch with my deep faith in life. In this moment, I visualize someone I love or a beautiful place that I enjoy visiting. As I renew my faith by bringing positive images into my mind, I am refreshed.

In The Evening
During the evening hours, there are bound to be ups and downs as we become involved with loved ones, or with loneliness. There are often numerous personal tasks that we must take care of. And those of us with health issues have special challenges to deal with. Regardless of your lifestyle or situation, make time for reflection in the evening.

Evening Prayer: I give thanks for another day of life on this beautiful Earth. I am grateful that I have a roof over my head, food to eat, and clean clothing to wear. I am so blessed! I ask that I become more trusting in the power of faith as I walk its path each day. May I, through the power of faith, be continually reminded that we are all one.

Whether you are a member of a religion or organized spiritual group or do not choose to be a member of any group, you can live a life of faith knowing that each of us is part of the cosmic universe. We are all born capable of reaching our highest goals as we understand that faith is power. As we make the daily practice of faith affirmations part of our lives, we will see a noticeable difference in our moods, our behavior and our success rate. Things will get better! And if enough of us realize that faith is power, not only will life improve for us, but for everyone.



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