Finger Lightning: The Power to Heal


Suddenly awakened from a deep sleep, my fingers feel like they are stuck in boiling water! Somehow, miraculously, I know exactly what to do: I quickly lift my hands off the bed, flick my fingers – and with the thought, I release you now! – I command the pain to leave. Small lightening bolts erupt from my fingers. I watch in amazement as light streams from my hands.

As the pain subsides, I wonder, Where is this coming from? With my mind’s eye I immediately see and feel heat flowing down from my shoulders. My mind swims against the current of this pulsating energy toward my throat; I somehow know that the energy is rising from below my heart and solar plexus. Finally, at the root chakra I see small squiggles of light igniting, snapping, sputtering.

For a few minutes I watch the energy rise through my body and flow out my fingertips. It eventually cools, disappearing as I drift back to sleep. My husband is still asleep beside me, oblivious.

Buzz, buzz! OK, OK, I’m getting up. I turn off the alarm and fill the bathtub. Relaxing in the warm water, my thoughts drift back to last night’s strange internal fireworks-lightning-like energy exploding from my fingers. This is not possible. Disbelief surges. It must have been a dream; my mind is playing tricks on me.

Dismissing the thoughts, I pick up the shampoo bottle. “Ouch!” The fingertips of my left hand throb. Then I see dried, caked blood underneath the nails of my middle and ring fingers. Huh? My other fingers are also tender but free of blood. Did it really happen? My brain spins. Yes, it really happened!

Then I remember, just the night before while watching the 1976 movie Jesus of Nazareth, I became fascinated with the idea of hands-on healing. Looking at my hands, I had said out loud, “I would like to have the power to heal with my hands.” …This! This is the energy that heals!

…Hurry, I’ll be late to work. I don’t want to wash away the blood; I want proof to show someone – but who? I must get going. Later I found out from a friend that this surging energy is Kundalini, a spiritual energy that rises out of the root chakra.

That first experience happened more than 20 years ago. Since then, spiritual exploration has taken me on a varied and eclectic journey. Now, with immense gratitude, I use Kundalini’s magnificent power in cooperation with the Divine as an energy healer. These healings release blocked energy, revitalizing and nurturing the mental, emotional and spiritual lives of my clients. I feel fortunate to have asked for the gift to heal, received it, and then developed it to enhance the well-being of others.

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