Kundalini’s Entwining Rise


Rising through the night
secret lovers in moonlight,
dancing, celebrating delight
enjoying their momentary flight.

Breathless bliss rising, illuminating,
Its flight stimulating and beckoning.
At the gate the lovers go merging,
intensity and anticipation are building.

Once past the gate they separate
to journey apart. This consummate
path of wordless ecstasy, first rate
Vibrations rise, exciting the heart

Racing now, the fever of delight bathes
and engulfs the body’s Heavenly Seven gates
with its love joy it magnifies
and life within it freely nourishes.

All they touch awakening.
From the Eternal Source lovers loving
Flickering and dancing, laughing
and expressing, they leave their imprinting.

Headed for my skull the power to energize.
I wonder will this be my demise
Or will it make me wise?
Kundalini’s electric rapturous rise!

Now, their energies fully spent rose
Calmly turning, satiated and fulfilled, back they flow.
They slip behind the solar plexus to doze
Ah, the erotic journey of Kundalini still glows.

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Cheryl Hiltibran
Cheryl Hiltibran is an Intuitive Energy Healer who helps clients overcome trauma, make major life transitions, and discover, connect or recommit to their life purpose. She does healing in person and over the phone. She also co-facilitates the Optimal Intuition Course. To schedule a healing session or to find out more about the Optimal Intuition course, contact Cheryl at 952.486.1298 or [email protected], or www.goingenius.com.


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