See What Love Can Do


    see what love can do
    bridges the gap
    between me and you

    all the pains of the past
    they’ll go by in a flash
    won’t come back
    can’t come back never again

    see what love can do
    see what love can do

    it’s only you thinkin’
    dark fears you been makin’
    holdin’ hurt tight like it was a rare gem
    you stirrin’ up all these tears
    livin’ dark days as though they were years
    when the boat ‘naw it ain’t ever been sinkin’

    it’s only 2 inches deep
    not an ocean of grief
    with a bottom that’s not even there
    see it’s a sad miserable lie
    you’ve kept growin an’ growin’ inside
    now it’s time for what love can do
    see what love can do

    bridge the gap between dark and light
    crossin’ to what you know’s right
    stop resistin’ stop wailin’
    stop puttin’ up such a fight
    now’s time it’s time   go see
    go and see
    what great good our love can be

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