A New Year’s Message


Isn’t it a joy to begin a New Year? Of course, we begin anew each and every time we choose to do so; and yet, it is a wonderful time to celebrate a new beginning with much of the world. For me, the New Year brings the reminder that I co-create my life with Spirit.

One popular way to do this is by the process of setting goals. Goal-setting helps us to become clear about our intentions and then also creates a vacuum in the future; and we know that when a vacuum is created, the Universe rushes in to fill it.

It is important to allow Spirit within to direct our goal-setting. We do this by listening to that voice within and then following that Divine Guidance. A strong desire is often the way that our goals are revealed. God is love and love never guides us to harm ourselves or others. Our beloved Emilie Cady, author of  Lessons in Truth, writes, “Desire in the heart for anything is God’s sure promise sent beforehand to indicate that it is yours already. In the limitless realm of supply, whatever you want, you can have for the taking.”

We have now written down our goals, the desires of our heart, and we have set the intention and have created the vacuum for the goal to be fulfilled. Now what? Well, we don’t have to hold them so tightly. I love what Esther and Jerry Hicks say about our goals when they remind us to “hold them lightly.” They encourage us to use the “wouldn’t it be nice” handle on our desires. “Wouldn’t it be nice” to be in a loving relationship, as opposed to “I have to have that right and perfect relationship right now.” Do you see and feel the difference? “Wouldn’t it be nice” still holds the intentions without the pressure of a time frame or the manifestation of the desire.

Remember that we are writing down our goals, giving our life direction. We aren’t controlling others with our goals. We are co-creating with Spirit, giving direction to our life. Take some time at the beginning of the New Year and write it all down — an affirmation for you, your life, and your ability to choose. Then “hold it lightly.”

Dig within and discover what you would like to have happen in your life this year. Try it! You will like it!

Happy New Year, and it is a blessing to be on this spiritual journey with you.



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