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This is the fourth in a series of eight articles based on The Eight Principles of Inner Peace as channeled by the Light Collective through renowned intuitive Kathryn Harwig. These principles are simple, yet profound, and they apply to all beings in the cosmos. The essence of all eight principles is inner peace, and personal empowerment — the powerful ability of humans to create the world of their choosing.

The Light Collective explains: “The next four principles are all related — of course, all of these principles are related. They dance lovely dances with each other, and the words waltz. The next four principles have to do with how you can live your lives and create joyous, free, and abundant lives.”

The fourth principle is how you create the life you have come to earth to create. You create with your thoughts, or intention. The Light Collective tells us, “The human species is a powerful species, not powerful with guns and killing, but powerful with intention and joy.”

As the Light Collective tells us above, our thoughts and our emotions are very powerful. We create our lives with them whether we are aware of this or not. If we want to live fulfilling lives we must learn to control them.

Creating/manifesting is what we are to become and meant to be. The secret to manifesting is to manifest who you are, and what you want will come to you.

To determine who you really are, do the following exercise:

Discovering Your Authentic Self

  1. Write as many things as you want. They don’t have to be possible or practical. The more specific, the better. They need to be about you. They can be inconsistent. List a minimum of 100 items. (Less will work if you can’t think of 100).
  2. Ask why you want these things. What type of person wants this? What is there about it that you want?
  3. Turn your want list into 5 to 10 categories of whom you are. What type of person wants this? Most will fit into two categories.
  4. List 5 or 6 key points of who you are.
  5. Write statements about who you are based on the key points. I am a person who ______.
  6. Make decisions based on this. Ask, “Does this decision enhance or detract from what I really want?”

All things in your life are created or manifested in a two-step process. Step 1: You create with your intention, or your thoughts. Step two will be discussed next month.

Once you have completed the above exercise, go to Step 1.

Step 1: State what you Desire

  1. Ask “Does what I desire align with my authentic self, with what I really want?
  2. Be specific — the universe takes things very literally.
  3. Be positive — state what you want, not what you don’t want.
  4. What you want must be believable to you.
  5. Watch the stories you tell yourself — make sure they are love based.

Because our planet and our species is in the midst of major change, the Light Collective presented The Eight Principles at the November 2009 Edge Life Expo to prepare us for making the transition to a new way of life. They stated that many of us are the equivalent of warriors, and in the next two or three years we are going to change this world, and we are going to change — both for the better. This sounds very intriguing and exciting for us all!

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