EnlightenNext magazine earns top honors

Lenox, MA — EnlightenNext, a leading non-profit forum for spiritual inquiry, was awarded top honors by the 2009 Folio Awards, the largest competition in magazine publishing. The niche publisher took home a Gold Eddie for best spiritual article and a Bronze Ozzie for best new magazine design.

Dubbed by devoted readers “the Wired magazine of the spiritual world,” EnlightenNext is a non-profit international quarterly that identifies as evolutionaries those who represent the most significant shift in social values since the ’60s. Editor in chief Andrew Cohen, executive editor Carter Phipps, and senior editor Dr. Elizabeth Debold, co-author of the bestselling book Mother Daughter Revolution, head an editorial team that engages with influential thought leaders including Ken Wilber, Deepak Chopra, Ray Kurzweil, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Andrei Codrescu, Elisabet Sahtouris, and Michael Beckwith, among many others. EnlightenNext integrates in-depth social, spiritual and scientific inquiry as the ultimate context for self-transformation and social change. Published for 17 years as What Is Enlightenment?, the time-honored title reentered the U.S. market under its new name, EnlightenNext. EnlightenNext publishes Dutch, French, and German editions, and recently launched an online edition in Spanish.

The magazine’s Eddie Award-winning feature, “A Theologian of Renewal” by Carter Phipps, gave a glimpse inside the prodigious mind and heart of pioneering Catholic theologian John F. Haught of Georgetown University. In it, Haught offered insight into how Christianity must reinvent itself in order to flourish in a scientific age.

“We live in an age torn apart by the culture wars between science and religion,” Phipps explained. “John Haught is a significant voice in Christian theology because he is truly reckoning with the spiritual implications of evolutionary science.”

EnlightenNext magazine, in its earlier incarnation as What Is Enlightenment?, received two previous Eddies, including a Gold for best spiritual magazine. This recognition has been repeated online as the magazine’s website has garnered Webby Awards in both 2006 and 2007.

More than 2,000 entries across over 100 categories competed in the 2009 Folio Awards.

For more information on EnlightenNext, visit www.enlightennext.org.



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