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My husband and I are usually game to try something new and a little strange as long as someone we know and trust recommends it. We know that animals communicate telepathically, and some people are particularly talented or have been trained to understand them. On the recommendation of friends, we began hiring animal communicators.

Over the past decade, we’ve worked with four different communicators with seven animals — three dogs and four cats. Three of the women worked entirely by phone and one came to our home. Two of the communicators spoke with the animals on their own and later called or emailed us to convey what they’d learned. Our most recent communicator alternated between speaking with us and speaking with the animals during the same phone call.

The first experience came when I adopted a Springer-Shelty mix, named Presty, whose owner was leaving the country. I brought Presty home to join me and my sweet Beagle-mix Humane Society rescue dog, Jack. I assumed Jack would be in charge, but Presty immediately began asserting her dominance. She would push her way in front of him at the backdoor, then turn around and mouth him on the neck until it was saturated with saliva. After a couple of weeks of this, I was concerned that I had made a mistake and that Jack was miserable with the new arrangement. After bringing him to the vet, who said Jack seemed fine, I hired an animal communicator to be sure.

At first, I was quite skeptical. The information the animal communicator shared seemed obvious and easy to fake. But then she told me that Jack requested that I continue to take him for rides in the car by himself. That’s when I knew she was truly talking to him. Jack loved to go for rides in the car; Presty got carsick, so she preferred to stay at home.

Years later, my soon-to-be husband and I combined households, which included my two dogs and his two cats. All four animals were older adults and set in their ways. Through an animal communicator, they were able to say what accommodations they needed for this challenging arrangement to work for them. In order to feel safe, the cats wanted a room where the dogs weren’t allowed; we cut a small cat-size opening into one of the bedroom doors. The blending of the dogs and cats went amazingly well. We think the success came from caring enough to give our animals the opportunity to communicate with us.

Our cat, Buzz, had developed a cell-mast tumor that created bleeding ulcers and resulted in a couple of near-death episodes from dehydration. Six days before our wedding, he had another episode that led to his death. Amazingly, our animal communicator called us about ten minutes after Buzz passed on. She offered to talk with him and we agreed.

Through her inquiries, Buzz explained how proud he was that he had finally been able to escape his body. On the two previous occasions, he wasn’t yet ready to leave us behind. This time, the physical discomfort helped him to disconnect. He described an expansive feeling and the wonderful freedom that came with the release. We were greatly comforted by the opportunity to connect with him in spirit.

Most recently, our newest cat, Sam, was experiencing a serious health problem. He compulsively licked areas on his body until he removed the hair, creating open wounds. We attempted both traditional and alternative veterinary care with no results. Finally, we contacted an animal communicator.

Sam was able to tell her that he licked to calm himself. It was a habit he developed when he was a stray on the streets. Through the communicator, we told Sam of our concerns for his health. We asked him to stop licking to the point of creating sores.

It seemed like a miracle. Sam continued to lick more than our other cats, but he no longer created sores and his wounds completely healed. To look at him now, you would never know he’d had a problem.

Whether the purpose is to combine animals in the same household, to talk to them about their impending deaths, to receive comfort about perplexing situations, or to get answers to health problems, animal communicators are a valuable resource for living happy, healthy lives with our animal companions.


  1. We can learn so much from the animals about how to live in harmony and balance on the Earth. For animal lovers, direct telepathic communication boosts the understanding, joy, and richness possible in relationships with their animal companions and all of life.

  2. I have had miraculous results withing with an animal commicator. I recently took a class and it was amazing. The communication was lead by Amanda Riester from A Deeper Understanding. She was very passionate and I recommend her highly.


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