Planet’s oldest divination tool goes high tech


From commercial sites selling spiritual teachings, to healing modalities and tarot readings, the Internet reflects an explosion in consumers’ desires to improve their minds, heal their bodies and connect with the sacred. In tandem with this trend, is the extraordinary evolution in technology capable of harnessing the power of intuition and spiritual intention. iChing 2GO, a software application which can be downloaded to Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch, is one such product.

Recently launched by Inner Sight LLC, iChing 2GO delivers the ancient wisdom of the I Ching — on the go, in a mobile format. It’s currently available on iTunes for free, with a web-based version due out at the end of this month.

At the recent premiere of the documentary The Quantum Activist in Los Angeles, Betsy Chasse, co-producer of What the Bleep Do We Know? witnessed what can happen when mass technology meets spiritual yearning.

“I had an opportunity to reconnect with old friends from my Hollywood days, whom I hadn’t seen in ages, as we were waiting for everyone before introducing the film,” she said. “I began passing around my iPhone and sharing my excitement about this new divination download called iChing 2GO. It was amazing! Within minutes everyone was fighting over my iPhone, barely able to contain themselves while waiting impatiently for their turn with the I Ching! As soon as one person got their answer, someone else would snatch the iPhone out of their hands!”

Inner Sight is doing its part to facilitate the evolution of consciousness by providing a forum for spiritual exploration on its website and offering sophisticated interactive technologies, such as automated divination tools, on a mass scale.

“No longer are divination tools reserved for experts who act as intermediaries, helping the rest of us gain insight into the various challenges we face. Divination is going mainstream and high tech. More and more, the tools associated with divination are being used by ordinary people interested in eliminating the middleman and accessing their own innate wisdom and healing, directly,” says Tara McKinney, one of the co-founders of Inner Sight.

Visit for more information on this free application.



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