Your invitation is to play, consciously


The greater universe is here to play with you, to have fun, to challenge itself in untold ways. With all compassion and sincerity, it now invites you to become a more conscious player. There is no script. You are the author, playwright, screenwriter and actor. For the universe will do whatever you wish.

You can play at whatever level of intensity you might choose. But its invitation is for you to play full out, to not hold back. To truly create anything you want to.

We are inviting you to help me to create a whole new world.

For everything you experience, which we now call “life on earth,” emerges out of this playfulness. You are far greater than the personality you identify with, than all of your thoughts and emotions and memories. You are eternal, an infinite being pretending to be finite and mortal.

Do not doubt for one moment that you are a God on earth. Anything that you believe you can do, you can. This is the most salient message you can ever receive.

Now it is time for you to emerge as you really are. Not because there is anything wrong with how you have been. But because humanity itself is changing.

The human experiment is taking a new turn. Everyone has suffered enough. We have experienced limitation and conflict from every possible standpoint. We have pretended that we had to struggle to survive for countless generations. We’re now being called upon to create a saner world, one in which greed and war and jealousy no longer rule, where leaders will truly care about the goodwill of all, and in which we no longer are condemned to live our entire lives within the prison of our thoughts.

Each of us has a particular role to play in this. For each of us is a totally unique expression of universal energy, with a combination of attributes that no one has ever seen before.

You cannot imagine the compassion with which the greater universe holds us and all of this. For we, as human beings, and the universe, in turn, have learned a great deal, despite and in some ways because of all of our suffering. We have co-created a very rigorous school on Earth in which one learns principally through our ongoing experience. We will now take this collective experience and create a new type of being.

So be very careful what you truly want, for it comes true. Our advice is to envision as exquisite a dream as you can — to co-create a whole new race — one that is conscious, caring and awake. To help launch a daring experiment in what humanity might be.

You have nothing to fear by embodying this vision. You have no reason for distress; and in any case, your anxiety will do no good. It will only make your journey harder. Whatever is about to happen will be in the best interest of each one of us. It will be like riding a wave. You cannot resist the flow of the water. Just enjoy the ride as best you can. But know that the wave that is coming is far more powerful than anything you can imagine. For it is composed of universal energy, the collective consciousness of all living beings. And it is best to be prepared for it.

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