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    In her self-funded, 10,000-mile spiritual journey from South Africa to the United States, Dutch filmmaker Renee Scheltema challenges scientists for straight answers about psychic and paranormal experiences: Can we predict the future? Can our thoughts and intentions affect the physical world? Can we be spontaneously healed? Are we “mysteriously” connected? The result is a moving documentary film in an “everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask” style that concludes science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive.

    The latest documentary to break the consciousness science “sound barrier,” with documented evidence that the mind can affect matter, screened to a sell-out crowd at the Santa Fe Film Festival last month. The award-winning Something Unknown is Doing We Don’t Know What demystifies psychic and paranormal experiences by extracting straight answers from leading scientists and presenting rare glimpses into laboratory experiments, spiritual healings and declassified government archives.

    Directed by Scheltema, a filmmaker educated in journalism, law and criminology, Something Unknown is the first documentary to take viewers behind the lens and through the doors of paranormal and psychic phenomena research that were previously kept closed by mainstream Western science. Through interviews with scientists, experts and healing practitioners, Something Unknown reveals scientific evidence that consciousness can influence the physical world. It uncovers decades of pioneering research conducted by governments, universities, and independent scientists to explore quantum physics principles that indicate humans are interconnected and have extended capacities of consciousness that transcend time and space.

    “As we speak, 90 out of 125 medical schools have formal courses exploring the correlation between spiritual practices and health outcomes,” said physician Dr. Larry Dossey, a spiritual healing advocate who participated in Something Unknown at the panel discussion following the screening of the film. “We’re getting there,” he said of the increasing influence of consciousness science on mainstream medicine.

    In Something Unknown Is Doing We Don’t Know What, which takes its title from the uncertainty principle of modern physics, Dr. Dossey joins other scientists, experts and healers in exploring the big five of psychic phenomena: Telepathy, Precognition, Remote Viewing, Telekinesis (or Psycho Kinesis) and Spiritual Healing. They include: Charles Tart, University of California Professor emeritus of psychology; Dr. Gary Schwartz, University of Arizona Professor of psychology; Parapsychologist and noetic scientist Dr. Dean Radin; British biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake; and Dr. Roger Nelson of the Global Consciousness Project. The director also collected anecdotes from experts within their fields, such as Apollo astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell, psychic detective Nancy Myer, mind-body-spirit author Arielle Ford, internationally known healer Dr. Eric Pearl, and intuitive Catherine Yunt.

    The film also investigates, the power of healing, remote viewing, psychic archaeology, faith healing, Random Number Generators, psychic detective work, therapeutic touch, mind reading. Woven with intriguing personal accounts and video excerpts of laboratory experiments, Scheltema’s quest concludes with a new understanding that science and spirituality may not be mutually exclusive.

    Something Unknown is Doing We Don’t Know What (105 minutes), is available on DVD from the film’s website. Priced at $24.95 for individual copies, discount packages are available for wholesale, universities, institutes, libraries and community screenings. It is distributed in the United States by Beyond Distribution/Beyond Words Publishing, Hillsboro, Oregon, and is also available in select retail stores. Visit



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