The Spiritual Wake-Up Call


Apparently, there is more to life than what we see, and the proof can be as close as the dream you had last night or the nudge you got to call your friend. All life is naked to Divine Spirit. And you can learn the secret.

Have you had a spiritual experience? Would you like to?

Maybe you’ve had a dream you will never forget. Or an inner experience with a loved one who has passed on. Or maybe you’ve experienced being out of your body during a dream, meditation, or even in a crisis. The world is full of everyday folks who are having experiences akin to those of the saints and mystics of old.

Even the simple coincidences that occur in your daily life are a link to the spiritual underpinnings of the Great Unseen.

What do these events mean? Many people feel these experiences are wake-up calls — an awakening to their higher selves and to their relationship with the Divine.

A man came to a spiritual experiences workshop sponsored by Eckankar. The workshop offered people a chance to tell their stories and explore techniques with hands-on practice, to take another step in their spiritual journey.

This man told of a profound experience he’d had at a desperately low point in his life. One night as he was walking alone on a beach, a great beam of light suddenly burst from above, and there came a strong, yet beautiful sound, in his ears. There and then he devoted his whole being to God. But where was God? He had not yet found anyone who understood his experience or shared his awe. At the workshop, he learned simple spiritual exercises he could do to connect with the Holy Spirit on a daily basis, as a way of life.

Maybe you’ve had such a dramatic experience. Or perhaps you can relate to the seamless hand of Spirit in the following story.

Last week, a woman was looking for a leader in the Latino community to serve on the board of directors for her organization. She inwardly asked for help in making this connection. Within two days, she was pleasantly surprised to meet a well-qualified candidate at a gathering unrelated to her field. She approached him with her proposal and found that not only was he quite interested in serving on her board, but he had a story of his own.

Just the night before, he’d tuned his TV to the community access station and found himself watching a broadcast of a board meeting. He noticed there was a Latino serving on the board. Out of the blue he said to himself, “I wish I could do something like that to make an impact in my community.” His invitation came the very next day.

These people knew they’d been drawn together by something more than coincidence. Such spiritual experiences give life a special zest.

Have you ever gone flying in your dreams?

Steven’s experience began as an ordinary dream. But a wake-up call to the immortality of Soul was just around the corner.

One night, Steven dreamed he was strolling along somewhere in his inner world. He began to walk faster and faster and soon he was running. He put out his arms and began to lift off the ground. To his utter amazement, he “woke up” in the experience and became fully conscious.

Steven says, “I remember saying to myself, ‘Wow! This isn’t a dream and I Am Flying!'” Fully awake in his experience, he continued ascending into the sky. But then came the natural concern: how to get down?

He looked around and made a grab at the passing treetops. The leaves slipped through his fingers and his anxiety grew. He went on, higher and higher.

Having no other recourse, he got inspiration to try letting go of his fear. Bolstered by the companionship of his inner spiritual guide, he released his resistance and gave up his fear. And with no effort at all, he very gently descended and then “dismounted” like a gymnast from the rings to the ground.

Steven realized he had just had a Soul Travel experience. This was one of his first. People often describe these adventures as being more real than daily life.

A wake-up call can be big or small. Sometimes it’s just a little something that acts like a tuning fork, calling to the Divine within. Maybe we look up for a moment and ponder the nature of life. What happens next is up to us.

Every being has a unique, two-way relationship with Spirit. Our needs, loves, desires and dreams are the precious voice of Soul, the True Self. There are people who want to be fully conscious of themselves as a spiritual being living a human lifetime. And the point? Simply put, it is to learn to love as God loves. This is the destiny of every Soul: To become a co-worker with God.

Eckankar encourages each person to find the highest agreement between themselves and their Creator. There are no limits. Whatever religion, faith or non-faith you may come from, there are techniques that can help you take that courageous step into a deeper relationship with the Divine. Just opening your heart and chanting HU (pronounced hue), an ancient sacred name for God, can take you to undreamed of places.

More of God’s love awaits you there.

You may see the Light and hear the Sound. You may find you have a spiritual guide. You may suddenly discover an answer to a stubborn problem, or begin to remember your nightly dreams. Prophecy, insight, guidance, intuition, and greater joy in living. But for all of this, the greatest gift is the experience– not the belief, not the faith, not the hope — the actual experience of God’s love for Soul. For you.

So! Have you had a spiritual experience? Would you like to? Your spiritual wake-up call awaits!

The public is invited to the two-hour event, “Have You Had a Spiritual Experience?” at the Minneapolis Public Library, from 1:30 to 3 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 6. Try spiritual exercises you can take home and experiment with. Share your own stories, questions, and explore the universe of spiritual experiences with like-minded, open-hearted people who share your curiosity and wonder of all things divine. Each attendee receives a free book and CD. Email [email protected].

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Sharon Kunin
Sharon Kunin and her husband, Doug Kunin, have been adventuring members and teachers of Eckankar for more than 30 years. They facilitate free workshops and lively spiritual discussion forums sponsored by Eckankar as a community service. Here, people can explore topics such as past lives, dreams and Soul Travel, and practice having experiences with the Light and Sound of God. More information is available at


  1. Singing the HU for the first time felt unusual to me, coming from a traditional religious background. But when I started “HUing”, eager to discover my spiritual self beyond what was familiar, I was filled with a Love and wonderment for life I’d never experienced. And 15 years later, I continue to be amazed at the loving and purifying qualities of this ancient name for God and precious love song to God for all humanity: the song of HU!


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