The Energies of 2010


Would you agree that 2009 has been an energetic emotional year? For many it has been challenging and frustrating, and for others it has been an exceptional year of accomplishment.

Now we are living in a new set of vibrations, 2010! Now what?

Using the ancient art and science of Numerology, we have a way to understand what is happening to us. Numerology is a tool calculating the vibrational energy of who we are being, the timing of what is happening to us and what our soul’s path is developing in this lifetime.

We have a great new opportunity to be proactive in 2010 and research what experiences we will have available, what challenges we may have to overcome, and of course we want to be aware of the lessons 2010 is teaching us to accomplish our destiny.

We live in a world of duality, and last year 2009 was an 11/2 year. In Numerology speak, we were experiencing the vibrational energy of 2. We were dealing with duality itself. The number 11 was a portal of time for the planet to look beyond the obvious experiences that were occurring and spend more focused time sensing the unseen lessons and opportunities. Many used this energy to step into their purpose, resonating with a higher vibration of “who they were being as they were doing what they were doing.”

What We Can Expect
Timing is one of the most important pieces of information. What can we expect each month? What is the focus, the message and the opportunities we will be experiencing?

Let’s break the year 2010 down into individual vibrations.

  • The vibration of 2 is about people, places, things and events inside and outside of you, duality. The energy of 2 is always looking to align with something, someone, or someplace.
  • The vibration of 0 is vibrating to the all or nothingness of life, better referred to as the energy of Source or God.
  • The vibration of 1 is asking us to be connected to our true identity. The energy of who we are being. The bigger picture of who we are being begins at the source of our Core; the energy of 1 is telling us we must align ourselves with our higher power source, bring that energy though the Core of our self and then anchor this into the power of Mother Earth.

Adding these vibrations together (2+0+1+0 = 3), the vibration of 3 is the energy of creativity. In 2010 we are being offered the opportunity to learn the natural flow of the vibration of 3 (Creativity) to align ourselves in an organic way as we learn how to create what we want. Our complete alignment puts us into the natural flow of the Universe, and from this true alignment we have the power to create and turn our burning desire into gold.

In 2010, mindful planning and/or fate will align us with people, places, things and events (the 2 energy). These alignments will prompt us to remember our connection to Source energy (the 0 energy) from God. When we are proactive, we bring that source energy through us (the 1 energy) and into Mother Earth (the 0 energy).

A Monthly Guide
2010 is the vibration of consciously creating your life. Stop reacting to life. Keep this information handy as a monthly guide so you can be prepared to learn the knowledge and develop your skills as a co-creator of your destiny in 2010:

  • January 1/3 — Create a clear vision of what you choose to accomplish.
  • February 2/3 — Articulate your need for guidance with people, clients and your purpose.
  • March 3/3 — Network, write, play, create. Time to start/add to family?
  • April 4/3 — Develop detailed plans, commit yourself, work hard, focus.
  • May 5/3 — Change your perspective, think outside of the box, travel, market yourself.
  • June 6/3 — Spend time with family, friends, and community. Be responsible.
  • July 7/3 — Reflect on your destiny, perhaps deepen your commitment.
  • August 8/3 — Make some bold moves to make things happen, money issues can appear.
  • September 9/3 — Resolve conflicts with yourself and others. Detach yourself from outcomes.
  • October 10/3 — Renewed energy, awareness of bigger picture of your life. Move forward.
  • November 11/3 — Become aware and committed to reclaim your power as a co-creator.
  • December 12/3 — Celebrate, revisit your identity and branding of who you are now!
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Wes Hamilton
Wes Hamilton brings a blend of extensive practical experience and extraordinary mystical know-how to his work. As a Master Numerologist, clients throughout the world seek his guidance and insight regarding important decisions. His expertise has been honed over 40+ years and thousands of clients to deliver amazing results. Connect with Wes at 612-308-2962 or [email protected] and visit



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