Answers are inside of ourselves, and our homes

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. As usual, I do not know who “they” are, but I will add that if that’s the case, your home is a close second. I believe that your home is truly a mirror of your life or a window to your soul; all your goals and all your obstacles are reflected within. I also believe that when you change your living space, you will affect the other areas of your life.

My work as the Space Guru is to use feng shui, organization, design and intuition to coach my clients into making changes in their home that will bring forth their life goals and eliminate their obstacles.

I am equal parts pragmatist, dreamer and house whisperer. The pragmatist is the part of me who recognizes that to bring forth change in our life, we often need clear, tangible goals, as well as a strong foundation of discipline and hard work. The dreamer is the part of me that knows that without lofty goals, visualization and creativity, we are merely soldiers of our own internal wars — fighting against our spirit’s will at any cost, in the name of practicality. And finally, the house whisperer is the part of me that translates the messages that our homes are telling us about all of the above information. Our homes have all the answers we need to show us where we are stuck and what we can do about it. The problem is that most of us are looking for these answers outside of homes and, therefore, outside of ourselves.

Carrie was feeling unfulfilled with her career. Though she had recently returned to school for a new career path, she had felt that this degree didn’t fit the bill and she was now considering yet another return to school to pursue a different path. Her search to find her true calling was focused outward, as is often the case. We spoke of her home. It had begun to get quite cluttered. She recognized that, and she knew a good clearing of her space to eliminate the extra stuff she had gathered was needed.

Many people own things they love. Then one day they can’t seem to find them. They search to replace that special thing, only to come home every time with something that’s not quite it. Years pass, and their home fills with more items, some of which are almost as good, but they are still unfulfilled. Some homes are so full that you couldn’t find something if you wanted it.

The problem for many people lies in the inability to recognize something they not only already possess, but maybe that they possessed all along. For, if this same person had de-cluttered better in the first place, she may have realized that her prized possession had been there the whole time.

Carrie began to clear her space. She started to eliminate the things that were just “in her way.” Upon talking further with her, we spoke of what her original goal for retuning to school was. It was actually very clear. Not only that, but it was still something that she had a lot of passion about doing. The problem was that she had gotten distracted from her goal, and in doing so, she was off track and therefore started to doubt her ability. So, rather than go back and dealing with the distractions, Carrie had just started thinking about a different goal. The mind, much like the home, gets so weighed down by our “stuff” that, rather than go through it and identify what is actually important or find the things we still want and use, many people will either throw out the whole lot and start over or just keep accumulating more and more but remain unfulfilled.

Eliminate the distractions from both your home and your mind and you will discover the truth about your life goals…either because they have been there all along, or because the space will be clear enough to receive the information. What is buried in your home? Have you known all along? Would you recognize it when you saw it? Identify the things that are still serving you. Eliminate the rest.



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