Compassion in Healing: Blessing what ails us


    In our zeal to clarify and heal ourselves, we sometimes forget that what we feel no longer suits us may indeed at one time have been a blessing to us. Releasing any energies or issues is dependent on our ability to truly come into a state of compassion toward whatever we are releasing. Coming into a state of compassion requires a lack of judgment towards ourselves, as well as what we are releasing, and any other people or circumstances related to the energies or issues we are releasing.

    When there is true compassion towards ourselves and what we are ready to release, then, and only then, are we completing our soul’s agreement with that energy. This compassion allows us to fully release the energy. Without reaching a state of compassion towards what we are releasing, we end up pushing and shoving the energy out of our space and our life over and over again. It never truly departs.

    In almost all cases where we perceive something as being in our space, we have an agreement to learn from the other energy, and to allow the other energy to learn from us. At the conclusion of this process, it is our responsibility to release the other energy onto its next step.

    In this fashion we honor that all energies are themselves growing and evolving in consciousness, and that all energies are active parts of All That Is.

    These energies can range from Nature Spirits that we picked up in our feet while attempting to ground ourselves to someone else’s guide. Sometimes there are DNA guides from ancestors who are long deceased, or simply an out-of-time angel who helped you when you are facing your first day of kindergarten.

    Even what we might perceive as dark or malevolent energies are energies that are seeking their home. What is not in tune with our reality will feel foreign and perhaps uncomfortable to us. Any energies that are not supportive of health in our physical human body often feel extremely cold and appear as psychic dark or even black in color. This is our own brain’s interpretation of their vibrational frequency.

    Because they are not supportive of our physical health and well-being, our brain interprets their vibrational frequency into cold sensations or into a dark grey or black color. This is the same as our body looking at motor oil and knowing not to drink it. Or smelling food that has gone bad, and knowing not to eat it. Our body knows instinctively what will nourish us and what energies will harm us. It is only our dependence on fear that makes us not trust our own body’s information.

    I find that as I am working in healing sessions with people, there are two principle reasons for energies that are not serving them to still be with them. I believe that these are common issues that most of us are identifying now and changing.

    • Judgment — We are trying to push the energy, which may be an out-of-time guide or issue, away from ourselves. We all want to believe that we are loving people with the ability to love others. Our polarized way of looking at things as either good or bad doesn’t let us move easily into compassion. If something is bad, we must shun it, because a good person would not have bad energies around her or him. But a compassionate person understands that what no longer serves our soul will appear as ‘bad’ in order to draw our attention to the issue. In the moment we notice what we judge as “bad,” we have the ability to address the issue and begin to make different choices. In psychological terms one might talk about engaging with the shadow. In energy healing terms, it is moving away from polarity and into compassion. I personally experience this as an Active Compassion, to distinguish it from complacency.
    • A lack of Trust in Our own Body and Heart — We want to know everything possible about the issue, energy or guide and why it is there. Usually from past trauma, sometimes simply from our upbringing in western society, our brain doesn’t trust that our body or heart knows what it is doing. Without meaning to, our brain has grabbed the energetic tail of issues, guides or energies that our body and soul are done with. It is sort of like grabbing onto a mouse’s tail when it is running out of the front door. Why stop it from leaving? In this case our brains don’t trust the larger process of Spirit. Therefore, our brain does not trust that the energy can leave, and we will be safe without it.

    Here we are learning to trust. We are learning to trust that whatever we might need to know will come to us. It will come in dream state, from books, from other people, and not just from our own heads.

    We are also learning to trust our lower chakras. Information comes to us from our lower body (navel chakra and the Enteric Nervous System, also known as the body’s mind) as well as through our heart. We are telepathic in each and every chakra. That means not just the 6th chakra that has been developed (overly so in my opinion) here in the Western cultures, but also in the heart chakra as taught by Drunvalo, and in the lower chakras.

    It is the lower chakras that connect us into the consciousness of the Earth, and let us hear the wisdom shared by the lower dimensions. Our navel chakra, connected well into the lower dimensions, offers us the information we need to know about our physical environment.

    This is a learning edge for Westerners. We must clear out energies that no longer serve our body’s completion of our soul’s journey, particularly from our hearts and lower chakras. As we move down into the strength and power of the energies of the lower chakras, we open the upper chakras to new levels of consciousness. We cannot open into these higher levels of consciousness without first going down and clearing the foundation of our lower bodies. We must go down in order to rise up.

    There is no right way or wrong way to experience healing. There is ultimately only a deepening into your own soul’s journey and your ability to live compassionately with all that surrounds you.

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    Norma Gentile, with Archangel Michael
    Norma Gentile, sound shaman, is a natural intuitive and channel for Mary, Archangel Michael and the Hathors. She maintains a private healing practice, offering sessions in English and Spanish, as well as singing healing concerts and teaching workshops. Her CDs of live sound healings, Songs of Spirit, is available at and iTunes. To see and hear her sound healings, articles and podcasts go to her website



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