Embracing Stillness as Key to Conscious Living


    Embracing stillness, we commune with the divine light of love and peace that is so pure and natural for us. Here is where we gain our clarity and creative insights — and realize our mission and service in the world.

    At the OASIS Center for Conscious Living, the guiding principles for Conscious Living are described within the acronym for O.A.S.I.S. — Oneness, Awakening, Stillness, Inspiration and Simplicity. The goal of the “OASIS Experience” process is to become whole, happy and free.

    Our wholeness, or holiness, comes with our recognition of Oneness, our divine relationship with God/Spirit/Source. Knowing that all of our accomplishments, dramas, losses and relationships are co-creatively orchestrated by our Oneness with the Divine, we finally feel whole. We feel connected at a soul level to other beings, to nature, and to all that is.

    Our happiness awakens from the Stillness within as we come to know our deep connection to the Divine, our true Self, and our relationship with the world. Our communion with the Divine creates a desire for communication, and the joy of joining in community. We awaken beyond the limitations of our tribal and egoic minds and realize our spiritual mission of service.

    We feel freedom in the world when we live in Simplicity. We no longer see the world as holding anything we want or need. When we feel free, we are in true relationship with this world. We release the “craziness” of attachments, those heavy belief systems of how we define success, how we criticize our body and other bodies, and our judgments of right and wrong. We are inspired to feel the simplicity of timeless wisdom, love and compassion, and we relate to the world with patience, tolerance and unity.

    Now, more than ever, we are called to surrender into trust. Once we embrace the power of Stillness, we realize there is nothing more than this very present moment. Our total surrender into the moment will inspire us to live in alignment with our divine function.

    We are ready to search our soul and say “Yes” to our journey, to step into a new earth of spiritual evolution and personal transformation. We choose to be whole, happy and free. Be still, and choose to live consciously, fulfilling your mission as the divine, creative expression of humanity. By embracing your past, welcoming your future, you live in this vital present.

    Your next step is an open book, and the world is waiting for the pages of your chapter to unfold.

    Lynn Koll and Louis Bourgeois will facilitate a transformational course in February on “Living and Writing Your Spiritual Life Story.” Write your own Memoir and include it as a chapter in a published book. For further information, go to www.oasisexperience.org.

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