Excavation: Clearing from the depth of self


“I can’t believe that this has come up again. I thought that I had worked through this.” Lightworkers often seem surprised about personal issues that keep popping up. This is because much of the work around inner issues is ritualistic at best, meaning that it is only representative of what actually must be done. Or a person may ask another to go in and do it for them or psych it out of them, like asking someone to yank out a tooth. Or they may even attempt to pray it away.

But this I must say: No amount of light can replace the depth that it takes to become complete. You must dig a hole and traverse through it to become whole.

Beliefs can get in the way of deep excavation. Some people have these ideas of agreements that we supposedly made before we were born. Others believe that there is no right or wrong. But the worst is the placation of forgiveness without any responsibility or accountability. I have seen the eyes of a child defiled. There are no agreements there and the wrongdoing is clear. Forgiveness is not the path either. Things of this nature create faults in a human child that are not theirs. But these faults can be released. By holding someone accountable, you can say “This is not my fault” and give it back. Religious and spiritual rhetoric is dangerous; it is like putting a band-aid on a gaping wound. Injury must be sourced out and extracted or in some way shifted before it can completely heal.

Here are some tools:

The Fault: This is the understanding that fault is something that has been given to you by predators or perpetrators. It isn’t yours. It is helpful to look at fault like a fault in the Earth — a break, a fissure. For humans this happens at a young age with inappropriate contact or the receiving of a system of belief. Give the fault back and let it go…back to its rightful owner.

Point of Origin: There are things that may have been done to you at a young age before you had the power to choose; as an adult, go back in your mind to that time and change the outcome of any event. I do understand that this sounds strange and people don’t speak of it. But, imagine the power that an individual would have if they could change their past…you can.

Recapitulation: This is the art of recovering energy that was wasted, given away or taken from you. Go back to all of the points in your life when you lost, regained or reclaimed energy. Then, either psychologically, mentally, energetically, or through meditation, undo what you did to give your energy away.

The Sentry: This is a conscious and sub-conscious aspect of self that is always exploring the depth for the hidden parts that hold us back from being who we truly are. The Sentry clears the inner path affecting all directions that we go and all that we do.

The Dark: I feel that it is important to learn to see in the dark and not be so blinded by the light. Most people simply don’t go or stay deep enough to see and feel what is really going on in their lives. From that depth we can see the reasons and causes of our reactions. In the stillness of self, all sorts of power and understanding can be uncovered.

The application of the these tools is based on the realization that the mind will do what you tell it to. What I am talking about is not denial; accept what has happened and retain what you have learned from your past experiences. Now, change your story — affect, shift and change your present and future by changing your past. Go back, see it as it was right before the incident and transform it into a situation in which you have the power and, most importantly, the choice.

What is bothering me? Where does it stem from? Do I really want to do this or be here? What do I really feel about this situation or circumstance? What do I need to let go of? Who do I need to let go of? These are some of the questions that we ignore. If left unanswered, they stir in the deepest parts of us and surface as anger and annoyance.

Excavation is the way to get to the deepest parts of the self. Let go, and find power and available energy. There are wonders within if we just take the time to see and hear what we are truly saying.

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