Fear? Pointless.


This morning I found myself reflecting on personal experiences lived over the past 30 years. Or so. I can now say that fully half my life has been spent actively engaging in the large-scale change of consciousness I agreed to assist before I arrived.

A large group of baby boomers came in as transforming agents, and I dutifully took on my part and those structures within consciousness that were mine to transmute. I didn’t always know I was doing such work, of course, but I can finally see the effects we have had within the whole of humanity. It would appear that breakdowns of long-established institutions of manipulation and control are now gaining momentum, and I give my compatriots a collective high-five for a job well done. However, I’m still holding off on scheduling the big party because we have a teensy way to go before our full intentions have been realized.

Each of us in this group of change agents had our own chunk of the grand distortions to work with and appropriate triggers to kick-start us into the process. The part within consciousness that I chose to heal (transform) expressed itself through a debilitating chronic fatigue and depression so heavy that only a persistent will could effect any movement. I found myself engaged in psychotherapy, channeling, alternative healing modalities, whole-food cooking classes, psychic development, a men’s group, hands-on-healing training, various explorations in consciousness and more reading and discussion sessions than I’ve had before or since. I would expect that some of these activities ring familiar to many other boomers, and I also expect you are as happy as I am about completing those legs of the journey. While immersed in our processes, we thought we just had to get through our painful little somethings so we could get back to our “normal” life. Ha ha. Nope.

As I progressed through the various stages of healing, my manifest reality also began to shift, bringing a painful process of divorce, a complete job change, physically moving several times and ultimately landing in a life where my more apparent work, as it were, is all about change, healing and transformation. This time around I’m more conscious about what I’m really up to, and that feels like a calming relief in whatever process I find myself.

After all this time I can finally grasp that transforming means to change form, and that the biggest challenge at any point along the path has been clinging to a known factor out of a fear that the unknown will bring suffering or death. Now, if something is so uncomfortable in life that one is manifesting depression and debilitating physical experiences, wouldn’t one usually want to change things as quickly as possible? I’m tempted to say “duh,” but I’m writing about myself and I’ve learned that logic is not always guiding the choice.

Fear sucks. Literally. It sucks the Life from our lives for no purpose other than to maintain its own existence. It is an energetic leech that is totally made up of nothing. Fear seems all powerful when we’re in its spin, yet fear has no essential nature. It is not real. The sages have said so, but minds develop strong beliefs that create contractions we name fear and are reluctant to release when faced with emotions, feelings and anything else that can’t be neatly defined, categorized or compartmentalized.

Mind has refused to value things it considers intangible, claiming they are not of substance. What if believing that perspective has been one of our largest bindings? I suspect we are about to entertain a realization that beliefs are actually the intangible items of no substance and what is real are things often discounted as unimportant or even detrimental to life.

We have faced many challenges on our journeys of transformation, but the next round may be the most challenging: surrendering the belief that mind is superior to matter. Getting thrown off that horse may prove to be a painful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. We have already learned from a lifetime of making changes that giving fear any power only prolongs the agony. This time, take a moment to remember the truth about fear when you are challenged to let go of your need to dictate how you think your personal life should function.

Life and the new Living Field are present to help you manifest the deepest desires of your heart and soul, even if you are unable to name them. 2010 is purported to be a year of shifting out of mental dominance and going deeper within to re-establish connection with Living Wisdom. Trust the substantial nature of Life to guide you through the changes and bring full support and everything you need for fulfillment. Once you move past trust into natural receptivity I sense that you will discover the real meaning of freedom. And by you, I mean me, too.

Then, we can party.

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Chris LaFontaine
Chris LaFontaine is consciousness techie with the soul of an artist and healer. He shares his perspectives on personal and global transformation through blog posts at Lightsmith (www.lightsmith.com), and can be contacted at [email protected].


  1. i would like to see sadness addressed yes things are happening because they have to – yes things are changing because we have to wake up.

    but i have been aware of the illusions for some time and find when i speak up – others feel threatened – it is hard to carry on a conversation sometimes w/o others feeling threatened or that changes are fear based (they are not).

    many are in la la land that everything will be ok – or that throwing others under the bus will save them – some get sick at the thought that money has no value – stocks have no value – that the game is about shifting.

    i have tried politics but it is the good guy bad guy – it is fake – i have tried religion it is about helpless surrender and joy in the ending.

    i am quiet most of the time – but i would love to have discussions w/o people making faces. community building is an absoulte essential as the old ways fall.

    loved your article i to have done all the things you have mentioned – but i still haven’t found what i’m looking for.

    labels sadden me yet are thrown around freely – or maybe it is only the negative i see – maybe the negative is what i most strongly respond to.

  2. Thank you for your comment. You have given me things to think about that I may be able to address in the future.


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