Fusion – Part 2

For nearly two decades, Michele Mayama and Chris LaFontaine have quietly worked behind the scenes to assist humanity in translating, integrating and embodying information related to the transformation of consciousness, on both personal and planetary levels. They recognized that the human experience is undergoing a complete shift, that the culture we have always known — one created out of fear and limitation — is dying, and that it is being replaced by a new framework of energy, a new living field, based upon love, life and light.

Through their organization known as Lightsmith, birthed in 1994 here in the Twin Cities, these two have consistently shared the information they have learned and lived each step of the way, and they have guided like-minded seekers who have sought ways to step into that new living field of consciousness. They are not interested in learning how to exist within — or even fix — the crumbling state of duality, because they know that it is evolving into something new — that we are all evolving, deep down at the very core of our body’s energetic structure. Their only option, they suggest, is to choose to move to a new state of being.

Michele Mayama is a gifted channel who is deeply connected to the consciousness of the planet, the Earth Mother. The latest information reveals that we have reached a crucial period in which it is no longer effective to continue visualizing and astro-projecting upward, out of our bodies. The key to the present Lightsmith work is the fusion of spiritual energies above, and the deep feminine energy below, in our bodies. Michele and Chris recently spoke about this deep feminine energy during an interview conducted at the Lightsmith office in St. Paul, MN.

Are groups participating in your Fusion Weekends doing work for the collective? Each group is doing something different when they come together?
I think so. They touch into their own personal processes, but they also are assisting the collective process. Perhaps they are creating some sort of pathway or map for others on the collective level to tune into. These shifts in the structures of consciousness start to go out and others pick them up and realize, “Oh, this is the next step here.”

Chris: We’re really becoming new beings, and it’s not just an information change or a software change. There is a hardware change, a body change, a physical change, a material change, and a change to the whole matrix of matter. When you bring Spirit and fuse it in matter, it creates something new that has not been before and that we haven’t experienced before. We have no reference for it because it’s new. What does it feel like to have bliss in the body?

The first stage is a sense of no drama, no fear. You start to realize that you don’t have the response you used to have to the things that used to be very triggering or anxiety producing, or worry producing. You notice, “I’m not doing that. It’s gone.” And there’s a subtle feeling of calmness, or peace, or serenity, or okayness, however you want to put it, that permeates experience all the time, including the dreams. That’s first. Then you expand the repertoire of what feeling and experience from Spirit is embodied.

Chris: As we enter 2010, we feel less affected by many things that we used to feel affected by. It’s partly preparatory for the next phase. It has to be sequential; after all, we are doing this in an evolutionary way. If we are now going to open levels of the unconscious, I think it’s nice to not feel we have to be affected in the same way. We can now be conscious enough to go, “Oh, there’s that,” and we can feel it release, but it doesn’t have to stimulate an old fear response. And that leads us to the next place. Pretty soon you find yourself being quite a different person beyond any of the buzz words that people talk about — oneness or peace on earth. But along the way to have that kind of an experience, you become a different person. You can’t stay within the matrix of duality and be truly blissful and peaceful.

When we become that as individuals, then that’s what we will experience in the world.
And create. There is this large intelligence that permeates this living new field, what some people call the new Earth. We are part of that and formed by it. We begin to synchronize within this field, which is synchronizing us and orchestrating the larger creation process. And yet, we are all individual. We are not losing our individuality. In some respects, this process enhances our individuality. We get to be more of us, more truly who we are, more truly fulfilled. If we are a creative person, that gets more fully enhanced and more fully activated as this fusion proceeds, and then we are synchronized in this larger, collective experience of creation. Then we create new forms, new things, new ways.

There is a large group of young people who are kind of bringing the possibilities in with them. The new kids plug right into this field. They are all equipped inside for creating the new, for bringing the new ideas into consciousness and into some form. In our generation, we were the transformers. We did the work — the shift work. I might have had a different word for that at the time.

Chris: Sounds like “shift.”

Michele: We did that work and then we birthed the next generation to come after us to kind of clean up, fill in and bring the new possibilities through.

Those who have long been on the spiritual path are used to having things to do, practices. What do you recommend for them? How should they approach this deep feminine rising in terms of their everyday lives and how they can help integrate that process? Or maybe it’s not a doing, but more of a “being” process.
Right. It’s less of a doing and more of a paying attention to what you are experiencing. I work with many people who continue to do things because they think they should. They are in relationship and they don’t know how to not give their energy over to somebody else, because they are in extreme need all the time. I’m just using examples, but inside they feel resistance, they feel pain, they lose energy and they feel exhausted. They feel things. They have experience and they overrule that with their “shoulds,” or they overrule it with their minds.

The new way is to become fully honest, fully aligned with what you feel inside. Notice it. What do you sense and what are you feeling? What is this bringing to you? The simplest thing is just to say, “Okay, what is it that has energy and what doesn’t? What has life and what doesn’t?” And so you realign with that and you align your choices with it. If your body is consistently breaking down with aches, pain and issues are going on, then your unconscious is trying to tell you something. What is it? What’s your body saying? Bring the love. That’s what I do. I just bring love to those places so that you can be present with yourself and be present with what’s there.

We have so much fear of our own body. We think, “If I don’t go to the doctor, what is going to happen to me?” Well, pay attention. Something is trying to get your attention. Acknowledge what you feel. That’s step number one. As you acknowledge, the emotion moves, falls out, releases, and you start to get an awareness of what would be in alignment for you.

It doesn’t sound spiritual, but it’s Presence. Spirit really is about presence; presence here, presence with, presence within. Without agenda, without overruling, without judgment — unconditional presence. If we can start to be present with ourselves in those places in our own experience that are lifting us to consciousness, we will open the gifts within our own being, and we will open the gifts within the large feminine, the larger life, the living field. We will open and receive and manifest everything.

Manifestation is part of this fusion experience. We are here to manifest who we truly are within the larger whole.

Chris: What we don’t want to do is to continue to manifest our experience from our unconscious place, which has been mostly a painful experience, because it’s all denied stuff and repressed stuff. And so we act out. We have experiences that keep trying to get us conscious of those things. Now we get to really dump all of that, jettison that level and to move into the position of being a conscious creator. Duality splits the conscious and the unconscious. Moving out of duality means you have to purge that unconscious. Everything must now be conscious — and life steers it.

What practice can you do? Feel what serves your deeper essence. Is what you are doing based on a suggestion that someone else has said you should do, or is this something that serves you in really discovering who you are and enhancing your own ability to receive? Listening is the first part of the feminine, creation process. If you can’t receive and you can’t listen, and you are not focused that direction and you’re not clearing out what’s in the way of that, then you don’t create anymore. You can have all the information in the world, but if you don’t have this connection back to life and to the feminine, you will not be able to create in the new experience.

Michele: My hope is that more people will start to have a sense of taking responsibility for their own experience, rather than projecting or blaming it on someone else. Taking responsibility for your diet. Taking responsibility for your own emotional state by going to a therapist. I see that starting to take place. Even medical people are starting to talk more about diet and people’s personal responsibility, rather than just coming to us to fix these problems that you have created, right? So, there’s a subtle shift of the larger collective level. I think those of us who have more experience doing this will be the coaches and the guides and the writers, and the people who will put this next possible level of personal responsibility into the collective.

This process is evolutionary. It’s revolutionary. It’s ongoing. It’s eternal. It never ends. Think back to the 1980s when those of us who are the Baby Boomers were starting to do therapy. All of a sudden there was a huge, important book about co-dependency. It just popped up from somebody who had a lot of experiences in her life and she wrote about it. Suddenly a lot of people are going, “Oh, I recognize that!” You can go to almost any year or any phase of evolution and look at what’s had an effect like that. That’s consciousness bringing it forth, and I think in the next couple of years, that will happen again.

As we sit here talking with you, it’s some amount of work to try to translate into words that people can read what the feminine is about, because it is not about words. We are just trying to speak to minds to say, “Hey, look, there is another place to turn to look and maybe pay attention there.” But the next thing to help the masses will come along. It always does. The Secret came along, and although that isn’t what we teach about, it did start to give people the idea that what they are experiencing is not separate from who they are, and if you take that to another level, it starts to become more conscious. The place we part ways with that teaching is that we don’t see it as the mind directing us around, using the mind to steer energy around. We see life being the creator.

Upcoming Fusion Weekends 2010 at Lightsmith are February 20-21 and April 17-18. This is an experiential process to assist those who are in the final stages of leaving duality and participating in the New Field of consciousness. Pre-registration is required. Group size is limited. For more information, call 651.224.4451 or email chris@lightsmith.com. For more information on Lightsmith, visit www.Lightsmith.com.



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