Fusion [noun] The process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single.

For nearly two decades, Michele Mayama and Chris LaFontaine have quietly worked behind the scenes to assist humanity in translating, integrating and embodying information related to the transformation of consciousness, on both personal and planetary levels. They recognized that the human experience is undergoing a complete shift, that the culture we have always known — one created out of fear and limitation — is dying, and that it is being replaced by a new framework of energy, a new living field, based upon love, life and light.

Through their organization known as Lightsmith, birthed in 1994 here in the Twin Cities, these two have consistently shared the information they have learned and lived each step of the way, and they have guided like-minded seekers who have sought ways to step into that new living field of consciousness. They are not interested in learning how to exist within — or even fix — the crumbling state of duality, because they know that it is evolving into something new — that we are all evolving, deep down at the very core of our body’s energetic structure. Their only option, they suggest, is to choose to move to a new state of being.

They utilize intensive, experiential processes to make the transition more graceful and less traumatic on the body. While their effort has been followed closely by only a scattering of people around the world, this spiritual transformation is taking place within all living life. Perhaps this is what some are calling the emergence of the “new Earth.” Perhaps this is part of what spiritual masters and teachers have predicted as the “shift of the ages.” Nonetheless, all people — believers and non-believers alike — can sense the change. We know that what used to work doesn’t anymore. Relationships are becoming more transparent. And each of us now faces the challenge of authenticity. Can we honestly look in the mirror at who we truly are, and do we choose to be that soul?

Michele Mayama is a gifted channel who is deeply connected to the consciousness of the planet, the Earth Mother. The latest information reveals that we have reached a crucial period in which it is no longer effective to continue visualizing and astro-projecting upward, out of our bodies. The key to the present Lightsmith work is the fusion of spiritual energies above, and the deep feminine energy below, in our bodies. Michele and Chris recently spoke about this deep feminine energy during an interview conducted at the Lightsmith office in St. Paul, MN.

Lightsmith has identified a major theme for 2010 as the restoration of connection to the deep feminine. Define “deep feminine” for us.
The deep feminine is something I am learning about. As this year unfolds, we’re going to learn a lot more. So, as I am learning about it, it has to do with what has been connected to emotion, to experience, to the sensate life experience. All of the experience that has been part of life is connected to the deep feminine.

Much of what has been experienced — felt in the body, in the feelings, in the senses, in the intuition, that which is not so visible in the material world — has often been relegated to the unconscious or the subconscious. Much of the deep feminine is stored in the unconscious. It is not fully in our conscious minds, and yet it often manifests through out physical bodies. It manifests through disease, distortions in relationships, imbalances of all kinds, because the unconscious is connected to the power of creation, the potency of creation and the light. It has to manifest, even though consciously we are often separated from it. We are often projecting blame onto something or someone else for those experiences that we tried to push away.

This deep feminine includes the upward current, the life current. By suppressing so much of it into the subconscious, it has resulted in sexual distortions and all of those things that get manifested outward as addiction, as obsession, as attachment. All of those things are part of this deep unconscious that has aborted the true life current, the creative juice of life, the potency and the power of life as it comes through us into creation.

Chris: As children, many of us Baby Boomers often had a natural ability to know what was going on, but when we would try to speak it or act from that place, we had it shut down, usually pretty early in our lives. Part of this restoration is going back to that place that we know deep inside ourselves, that place we once took as real until we were told it wasn’t and convinced it wasn’t. We had to put all that away. Now, all of those structures that convinced us of that are dissipating and disappearing and losing their power. We are starting to recognize that who we are deep inside, and the wisdom we have grown over many lifetimes, actually is a great resource and the source of our life.

Michele: The new movie Avatar has some great visuals that reflect this connection to this living field. The indigenous people, the Na’vi, were physically equipped to connect with this living field. Here at Lightsmith, a lot of what we are doing is restructuring the core energy field to connect with this living field directly. That includes the healing and release of what has been stored unconsciously, but also the restructuring and actually upgrading of our energetic system to work directly within this field.

How much of this process is part of our natural evolution of consciousness? Is all this restructuring happening to each one of us and our bodies at this point?
Yes, I think to some degree, depending on each person’s level of willingness, and how much fear they hold in their body. Fear contracts us. We’ve been taught to fear our own unconscious — and the manifestations of that are projected often. Fear continues to bind us, and the binding is what prevents us from the full release or clearing of the old storage structures.

The process is first restoration of our natural design, and then you do the enhancements. The natural design is this really strong, vertical connection where the root is sunk into life and the crown is open to Spirit. The whole of the chakra system naturally rests in its core, rather than forward, and externally focused, which is how we have adapted over time. That’s the way our parents adapted, and so that became normal.

Our natural design is to have a resting place for each of the chakras along the core so it receives the upward current, feels the anchoring into life, and then opens to what is to be created and responsive, rather than reactive. So, we are in that process of reestablishing our chakras in the core of our body. I think everyone is in that process. I talk to people who are pretty unconscious about this process, and yet last year they went through similar experiences of alignment, or realignment in their life, as we have. So there are ways that it is affecting people, even if they don’t know what is going on.

Chris: Yes, 2009 was what we called the year of realignment. People certainly were put through their paces to come back into alignment. That’s the best word for it, to get in touch with who they are and not be so directed by external systems or people or …

Michele: Or their own ideals or the way they think it should be.

Chris: Fear affects how the mind decides to do things. It creates contractions. Fear is the defining factor in what we consider the more evident dying reality, the one that is in great chaos right now. There is great polarization and great amounts of stirring up and falling apart. Whenever people start to get too relaxed and start to listen to themselves and another level of guidance, lo and behold, something comes along to stimulate some fear again and get them misdirected into an external projection of reality, out of touch with who they are. That’s where this transformation is taking place for people. Everyone is, in their own way, having to come face-to-face with who they are, or not. What choice are you going to make? It is not about choosing a belief system and it is not about choosing anything other than, “Are you willing to be who you are now?”

Michele: And to be more fully embodied, to bring your great spirit more and more here, into this reality, rather than leaving this reality to go to Spirit.

Chris: That’s a big one for what you might call the New Age community. It has had such a focus on Spirit. What we’re talking about is being here, bringing Spirit here more deeply, and not going out of our bodies to meet it, up there, out there somewhere.

In the channeling of Mary Magdalene on December 12, she told us that we all have impaired structures within our bodies, impaired root chakras, impaired cores, impaired capacity to open the deep wisdom of personal and planetary consciousness, regardless of how much healing we have done. Can you elaborate on how impaired are we, and was the impairment a result of that distortion and the pushing of everything into the unconscious?
She was really speaking about this deep well of unconsciousness — both personal and collective. We are all affected, because we carry both the personal and collective. We have patterning of our own personal story, and stories created in our past lives, that which is ancestral. Those patterns weave into the great collective. For example, for all those who share alcoholic family patterns, there is a collective choice that used alcoholism to push emotion and experience into the unconscious. Those patterns have similar structures in the individual, and these patterns are scattered throughout the population. People have different mixtures of these structures and patterns that they have adapted accordingly.

In my experience, when we start to touch into the deep unconscious, we run into a lot of resistance. Our conscious mind has been defending against opening the deep unconscious. The impairment place is that we think we’ve already done it. We think we’ve already done the process, the healing, and yet those structures are woven deeper and the mind is protecting us from getting into them all the way. We have gradually opened some of them as we spiral downward into them.

I think those of us who have been working diligently all these years are on the precipice of opening into these layers and levels, breaking through our own mechanisms that have kept us unconscious. They are really quite complex — and quite sensitive. I work with people all the time, and if I start touching them within the context of a session, often people will go into immediate resistance, fear and denial, even in a subtle way. They will start going off in another direction, bringing up a different topic. It’s like, “Let’s get out of here.”

For anyone who is willing to go into these levels, there are gifts. These are incredible openings. The gift of opening into the deep feminine opens up the true capacity for creation, all creation, of life, of the new field. So it seems really scary, but it is going to be really cool.

Chris: At Lightsmith, all of the information that we do provide is coupled with a process that is needed to utilize that information. It’s not enough to think you know the information. People tend to think that if they’ve got some kind of understanding of what’s taking place, that it’s the same as participating in it, and it’s not. The mind thinks it gets it, and yet the body is going, “Hey, what about me? I’ve got this storehouse that needs some attention, and it’s my turn.” And so, in 2010 and 2011, I think that the storehouse and what’s underneath that as the gift is waiting to be unwrapped and rediscovered.

In that December channeling, Mary Magdalene spoke about being present in the place where the deep feminine is rising. Was she being literal in terms of greater energy from that deep feminine rising and moving up into all of our bodies?
I think so. There is a rising of the feminine. We sometimes talk about all the great mothers who are working on subtle levels to bring what has been hidden to consciousness, both personally and collectively. Those who only look at the surface without allowing that sensing in their own experience may miss what they are trying to do. It’s about our bodies, our feelings, our senses, the qualities that align us with what is truly ours to feel, to do, to create. My sense is that once the feminine really rises in our own awareness and we completely realign with it, our lives are not going to be so focused on what life is outside of us. It will be more about what really is fulfilling and aligning.

There will be a natural rebalancing of resources, because there will not be those who have millions and billions. There will not be a need for that kind of storehouse of resources in one area while, over there, people are starving. The collective has manifested such great imbalance as the result of the missing feminine. I look forward to seeing how this starts to affect our world, our collective experience. It may take a number of years, but these next couple years are crucial. Some of this is starting to shift. There is a dominant reality that says, “This is what you should believe and this is how you should live, and this is the way it is.” As that is breaking up, another very experiential reality is surfacing. How that all interfaces over the next few years I don’t know, but I can feel that happening. There is a little bit of chaos in this process, and that’s not comfortable. And yet, trust that you are part of this. You are woven into it. You are not alone needing to control it.

Continue to open to receive. We have been so focused on churning out, giving, producing and doing that we have neglected to access the whole receptive and feminine aspect of us. This realignment is like opening every chakra to its receptive capacity. Once it’s receptive, it relaxes. It opens to receive, draws it in, and then it’s informed and revealed. It comes to consciousness. It comes to inspiration. It comes to passion.

Chris: I’ve taken to nicknaming this experience of this energy and the rise of this feminine energy as The Irresistible Force. It’s that sense that you can have all the constructs of your thoughts and your mind and your life around how you think things should be, but when this force comes to realign things, it’s really an opportunity to practice receptivity, because that’s what it is asking for.

In some ways, resistance is futile (laughing), which is a phrase I did not make up. Resisting is painful, and yet what this force is bringing is life, and it’s saying, “You know what? Life is really the director. It’s not your mind, as much as you thought you’ve been in control of your experience. Life is the primary director, and it knows what fulfillment is for you — and if you will allow it to orchestrate your experience and you listen to it and honor it and act upon it, it brings everybody what they need, simultaneously.” That’s what it knows how to do, and you don’t have to think that you can figure everything out. Mary Magdalene used the phrase that now it’s all going to be turned on its head. I think the reference is we finally will recognize that life is the orchestrator of our experience.

Michele: Life and this fusion.

Let’s talk about fusion.
This is what the evolution of our species has led to. What is fusion? Fusion is the gradual descent of the vastness of your own great Spirit within an experience of life and matter. That requires, first of all, that the chakra system is able to handle that influx of greater presence, of greater consciousness or greater awareness. Every time there’s an influx of the creator Spirit that has not been here yet living, creating in this conscious place, more of the unconscious gets stirred up. When we do present our fusion weekends, prepare yourselves, because it will set loose some things that have been buried. Things are going to stir. I try to help people remember that they are releasing, they are dissolving, they are moving things out of the unconscious.

We don’t have the luxury of 20 years any more to go through 50 lifetimes of stuff, so our system has to be able to start dissolving that which is not of essence, that which does not vibrate with who we are. That is the simplest way I can put it. That is at all levels, including cellular, including the physical. So what is taking place is a fusion of Spirit, soul and body.

We no longer have to go out into Spirit, go up into the higher frequencies. At the start of the new millennium, fusion took place on a matrix level, the larger level, and now we are doing it individually. We line up all the chakras and get them in the core of the body. We start to vibrate into the physical body, and we enact enhancements or upgrades to the system that access the new field directly. It’s a little bit like installing a new operating system. In our fusion weekends, each group defines what we access because of who’s there and what patterns they are working with and what they are capable of doing. One group went deeply into the DNA structures. With another group, we went into the imaginal place where the soul/Spirit fusion was starting to create new possibilities. So each group takes this process of fusion different places.

What else is coming up at Lightsmith in early 2010?
We are starting a new channeled series this year, on the second Saturday each month at 7 p.m. We start precisely on time because people can join by phone. Earth Mother will be the second Saturday, Feb. 13, and my sense is that she will anchor and open the bodies, particularly some of what is trying to open in the deep feminine and the unconscious and the bodies. Kwan Yin will be in March. Those who come in work with us to facilitate whatever is next in this evolution of consciousness. They bring us along a little bit, step-by-step.

Chris: And Tuesday Tune-ups are evenings of process work, with Michele facilitating a group. The focus is usually a continuation of a process that was set in motion at the previous channeling.

Michele: It’s part of this restructuring and the healing and shifting of the old structures and opening up the new ones. Each session is an adventure into the levels of deep consciousness in the body, in the fields of people. Last time we did a lot of dissolving of structures in the mind, and then we would go into the brain and into the body. We go into the places where we have to go. They are very powerful. They are online if people want to experience past sessions.

Chris: They are very evolutionary, in that they are completely structured from what gets set up in the field in that moment. We have no agenda going in, or even much of a sense of what will take place. It is connected to who shows up on one level, and what consciousness is working on on another.

Michele: It’s a good way to get a real thorough tune-up once a month to kind of keep your system focused and on track.

Upcoming Fusion Weekends 2010 at Lightsmith are February 20-21 and April 17-18. This is an experiential process to assist those who are in the final stages of leaving duality and participating in the New Field of consciousness. Pre-registration is required. Group size is limited. For more information, call 651.224.4451 or email [email protected]. For more information on Lightsmith, visit www.Lightsmith.com.

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