Your birthright: a joyful sexuality

Can you imagine what it would be like to have your sexuality be a source of joy and aliveness? To lovingly connect with a beloved with reverence, presence and delight? To have a vibrant sexual relationship with yourself that gives you more energy, vitality and zest for life?

For many, these ideas are far from their reality. Often sexuality is burdened with shame, embarrassment, guilt and even pain, rather than being a source of pleasure and joy. I saw a Matt Groenig cartoon once that summed it up rather well: “Sex is a nasty, repugnant piece of business that should be saved only for the one you love.”

How can we resolve this paradox?

The practices of sacred sexuality help to heal the damage done by living in a sex-negative culture. You can learn ways of connecting with another person that celebrate and honor who they are. Simple techniques of breathing and movement allow your passion to rise to higher levels than ever before, while seeds of new attitudes towards sexuality are gently planted, gradually take root and then blossom into a fullness of expression that brings you ecstasy beyond your wildest dreams.

Try this right now, right where you are. Take a breath all the way into your pelvis. Feel how the inhale swells open the perineum. Imagine that with each inhale you open to the abundant flow of sexual energy that is all around us, the life force of the universe. Let that energy fill up your pelvis. Rock your pelvis, or move it in little circles. Allow a movement that feels good.

After doing that for a few moments, notice how you feel. Are you more energized? Did emotions come up?

Often the practices of sacred sexuality bring up emotions, as our breath touches the memories stored in our bodies. This awareness is the first step in healing those attitudes, which then can be replaced with more positive thoughts.

This and much more is available to you. Take the step into your birthright — a sexuality that enlivens and sustains you.



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