New owners keep whole-grain spirit alive


    The same great, savory blend of whole grain goodness with a dusting of old-fashioned bakery hospitality is warming the dinner tables of Woodbury, MN, but with some new faces at the helm. Local residents Bob and Natasha Fleischman have taken the reins of the Great Harvest Bread Co. bakery. The couple has increased the whole-grain product line and created a contagiously happy bakery atmosphere. The Fleischmans hope to spread the importance of whole-grain nutrition along with a fun-loving spirit of business with the community.

    The bakery offers a pleasant atmosphere for area residents to enjoy made-from-scratch whole-grain breads, and sweets while watching the baking process in action. They plan to add freshly prepared sandwiches later this winter.

    “I remember visiting the Great Harvest bakeries in my neighborhood growing up and immediately falling in love with the fresh whole-grain products,” says Natasha. “When it came time in our lives to consider a major career change, we knew that owning our own business meant pursuing the chance to produce a product we believed in and in a lively, community-focused atmosphere like that found at Great Harvest.”

    The bakery’s eclectic employees share this kind-hearted, hard-working spirit. Each day they mill carefully selected Montana wheat berries into whole-wheat flour. And each day they bake fresh breads, scones, cookies, and other sweet treats from 100 percent natural ingredients — no preservatives. Natural sweeteners, such as honey, will be used in all products, replacing unhealthy options like high fructose corn syrup. Great Harvest has created one of the most direct pipelines from farm to table found in American commerce.

    Great Harvest’s made-from-scratch whole-grain breads provide excellent sources of complex carbohydrates, have no added fat or cholesterol, and have been proven to be stars in weight control and disease prevention. Recent USDA health guidelines encourage Americans to eat three servings of whole grains every day.

    Not only do they hope to educate customers — from the oldest to the youngest — about the benefits of whole grains, but they believe in giving back to the community. Plans include offering bakery tours to local schools, holding slicing events at area functions, and making regular bread donations to local charities.

    “I’m excited about the diverse range of whole-grain products, each packed with nutritional benefits and plenty of flavor,” says Natasha. “And I’m even more excited about being the neighborhood bakery that provides heart-felt service and genuine hospitality to our community.”

    Great Harvest Bread Co., 8160 Coller Way (in the southwest corner of Tamarack Village Shopping Center in Woodbury) is open between 7 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays.

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