Our Psychic Experiences

    Everyone encounters psychic experiences in their life, sooner or later. All of us are born with it. Developing this awareness does not mean we have to learn something totally new. We just have to open to our inner self and unfold the existing ability.

    Our consciousness and social circle allows us to recognize our talents or makes us suppress or even fear them as something “un-normal,” “un-real” or scary. Our immediate family is the first to suppress our abilities in childhood. Based on their reaction to our stories and sights, we discover that not everyone receives the same visual and/or sound impressions. We discover that eye sight and inner sight are two different things.

    Children are aware of the “other” world(s) and are very lucky when they have a family that is understanding and supportive. Many children are blamed for making up stories, and as a result they shut down their gift(s). To uncover these talents as an adult is a lot of work. We have to work through a lot of fear, which has been socially implanted.

    So are you psychic?

    If you ever encountered an experience where you sensed that something would happen, and it later did, chances are you have psychic talent. We all have that inner voice and connection. It is just a matter of allowing ourselves to listen to it.

    In recent years, more people worldwide have been acknowledging their spirituality and psychic talent. Part of a planetary wake-up call, they have chosen to honor and cultivate their awareness. As people wake up in such a way, they often experience the urge to make total life changes. Facing sudden inner knowing about which path to follow, they change their life’s direction without looking back. Many give up their previous mere existence and careers (material riches) after such an awakening and change to a much more fulfilling experience of living. Others remain hesitant and full of fear to let go of the known for something unknown.

    When you decide to proceed, be aware that it will take years of dedicated learning and practice.

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    Ruth Hildegard Henrich helps people to gradually learn, practice, develop and trust their talent in a gentle and safe way. Born and raised in Germany, Ruth lives and works in California and Southern France. She earned three Master's degrees and is a certified master teacher. She also teaches meditative painting and professionally works as a life coach. Her art Art-e-ffectsâ„¢ can be seen at the World Fine Art Gallery, New York, NY, and The Health Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA. For a complete list of available services and products, visit www.RuthHenrichGroup.com. Email her at contact@RuthHenrichGroup.com or call 831.402.3939.


    1. Our world is becoming faster paced and more frenetic every day and our kids are being swept up in the current. School, homework, piano lessons, judo, art classes, TV, computer games, the internet. It sometimes seems like every minute of their waking time is taken up with an activity. Climbing trees, playing hopscotch and tag or just gazing into the middle distance and letting the imagination create seem to be in danger of becoming extinct.


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