What is Hidden in Relationship?


I had just moved in the spring of 1990, and after experiencing disappointment in another new romance, I decided that morning upon awakening to swear off men. As I sat up in bed, I noticed that there was a word floating mid-air in front of me.

“OK,” I thought, “if you guys float a word mid-air for me, then I know something really big is coming, so I had better pay attention.”

“Look at the word,” I heard, so I proceeded to read it.

“Relationship.” I read aloud, from this illuminated word floating in front of me.

“Now read the first word contained within it.”

“Relation,” I noted.

“Now take off the first letter,” they requested.

Elation! Through Relation comes Elation! I guess I am not to swear off men!” I laughed.

I then received a request to hurry and get ready and go to a place where I would meet the next person on my path. I attended the Sunday service where I was told I would meet my new romance, but didn’t. I began to deeply question how clearly I was tuned in, as the information had been so lucid and clear.

I decided to pacify myself with a book, and as I turned to go into the adjoining bookstore, I almost knocked the “new” person over. Guidance had been clear, and I needed to allow the process to unfold, with patience.

The journey with that individual was about love, of course, but also it was about seeing how much I had progressed since our lifetime together when he was in a spiritual position of knowing within society, which made me doubt myself. In the past life, I always asked him to tell me what God was saying in the Bible, not man’s interpretation of what was meant. Amazingly, I had that knowingness eons ago, and it was time to hold to that now, and continue to walk the way of Truth.

Interestingly, he was still parroting mass social consciousness and was threatened by my quest for Truth, a lucid path of Light I could clearly see before me, a path that was obscured to him by his earthly grounding.

It is only through relation that we find elation. Our relationships reflect our inner perspectives, acknowledged or denied, and often they are based upon misinformation we have acquired along the way by others, who are also living limited truths. All relationships must be embraced, for even the person who seems to be your worst enemy loves you on a Higher level, or they wouldn’t bother to engage. The gift is in discovering something that already resides within you, but previously was denied. Each situation was placed there for a Higher reason, so embrace it.

What is reflected to us in our relationships directly correlates to the relationship between our head/Id and our heart/soul. The essence of that directly reflects our relationship with God/Divine/Source, from which all comes through the Soul. Ultimately all issues are God issues, and the truth to everything resides within that connection between our Soul and Higher Selves to God/Divine/Source.

We have been conditioned to focus on external fulfillment, thinking that if those things are in place, we will be happy. It is quite the opposite. We fall in love with God and ourselves and link up — aligning our head/Id (tool) with our heart/soul (contractor/architect) to create enlightenment beyond expression. Life then becomes fulfilling beyond our wildest dreams, but pales in comparison to the elation in relation with the Divine.

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Susan Reishus
Susan A. Reishus is a born psychic and spiritual intuitive, focused on the soul and empowerment, transformation and enlightenment. Consciously on the Path for 40+ years, she does consultations and teaches classes on a variety of subjects. She is featured in "The Gift" and has been a previous contributor to The Edge. You can find more information at www.SusanReishus.com, or email [email protected].


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