An Easter Message: Passionately against ‘The Passion’


The Passion, a gruesome, violent account of Jesus’ death, is about to become the focal point of most Christian churches. Although traditional Christianity is solely focused on the belief that Jesus died for our sins, the graphic portrayal of his death is not always in the forefront. Easter ignites the fervor within all “good” Christians to remember we are sinners. Easter is the time we must remember he suffered and died in order to save our souls from eternal damnation.

Christians have been taught they must accept the violent account of Jesus’ demise in order to call themselves Christians. Many Christians claimed it was a spiritual experience to watch the hideously, violent portrayal of the crucifixion in Mel Gibson’s The Passion. Apparently, watching Jesus being tortured showed them just how much he really loved them!

Wow. Do we really have to buy this “Friday the 13th” version of Jesus’ life? No, we don’t. We don’t have to “buy” anything unless we know its our truth. If people are inspired by a beaten, bleeding, suffering Jesus, they have their right to that belief. Incredibly, people choose to believe the over-dramatized torture when it doesn’t even exist in the King James Bible. One gospel doesn’t even mention it, and the other three have conflicting stories.

Four accounts of Jesus’ life are not enough to tell his complete story. Where are the other disciples? Why aren’t they in the Bible? They aren’t there because none of them mention Jesus’ death. Their account of his life doesn’t follow the rules adopted in the Counsel of Nicea in 325 AD, when the Roman Emperor, Constantine, convened an assembly of Christian Bishops to decide what Christians were allowed to believe.

What if the “authorized” Bible lied? Can you choose not to believe? If you can’t feel the truth, then you don’t have to believe it. You have a right, and perhaps a responsibility to your soul, to turn away from the orthodox version of Jesus’ life that was politically forced into existence. Bart Ehrman, a renowned scholar of Christian history, states in his book Misquoting Jesus, that there are thousands of translation errors in the orthodox Bible, the proclaimed “Word of God.” That fact alone gives us the freedom to question if what we have been told is the only “Truth.”

What if you can choose your belief about Jesus? What if he really came here to teach us that we had the potential to evolve into a magnificent soul with magnificent potential? What if he came here to teach us that we “are” Gods?

If you had the right to choose your Jesus, without ridicule or fear, would you see him hanging on a cross, or would you see him laughing and smiling, slapping you on the back, or holding you in his arms? Would you choose a suffering Jesus if indeed he didn’t come here to die for your sins?

“Keyology,” which is the study of diverse spiritual principals, the foundation of the philosophy of Key to Life Center, fosters spiritual empowerment through diverse spiritual knowledge. We’ve spent years studying the origins of the orthodox Bible, and every other teaching about Jesus we can find. Are they all accurate? No. Are they all the truth? No. Years of study have inspired us to believe Jesus’ purpose is to help us resurrect the God consciousness within. When we truly honor his diverse spiritual teachings, we will manifest the life we were meant to live.

We live in an incredible time; a time when the lost teachings of Jesus are finally starting to surface. If we will thoughtfully explore everything we can, we will find an answer as to which belief is right for us. Our Jesus is a multifaceted spiritual being that taught many diverse spiritual principles.

Christianity isn’t the only path to our spiritual salvation. It’s just “a” path.

Jesus himself would tell you to embrace whatever path leads you to your highest truth, not out of fear, but out of inspiration. Following what is called the “Third Voice,” or the voice of your soul, will lead you to your greatest spiritual wisdom — and that will lead you to your destiny.

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