We live at a time of great opportunity in the human experience. There are blessings and possibilities open to us today of which our ancestors could only dream.

At the same time, our societies have grown so complex and riddled with conflict that we are also living under more stress and chaos now than at any previous time in our history.

As I see it, the great flowering of human ingenuity, creativity and the development of the truly astonishing technology in which we are engaged today, along with the amazing abundance of our beautiful Mother Earth, have put all of possibility at our fingertips…including the possibility of creating technological and social catastrophes from which human beings, like much of life as we know it, might never recover.

Along with great accomplishment comes equally great responsibility, and it is the enormity of the responsibilities before us that is causing much of the chaos and confusion under which we are living. There is also tremendous uncertainty in our world, and while nothing in life is ever guaranteed, the kinds of uncertainty we have created in our lives are antithetical to a consciousness of our own well-being.

We are literally standing at a crossroads in human existence unlike anything we have ever faced before. The decisions we make and the directions we choose at this crossroads will affect the direction of life on earth perhaps forever, because of the technology we possess.

A crossroads is a place of enormous power. It is a place of power precisely because it is a place where choices must be made and acted upon. Thoughts are energy forms, and what we think creates energy. When we stand at a crossroads and evaluate our options, make our decisions, we begin generating energy. As we act to implement those decisions, we generate more energy. Energy is power, just as power is made up of energy. So when you stand at a crossroads, you have within your reach a tremendous amount of power and energy to carry you forward as you choose the path you are going to take, so long as you make a decision and move to act on it. Otherwise, you simply stop growing and moving in life. You become stagnant.

Think about this whenever you feel stuck. Are you at a crossroads in your life where changes need to be made? The need for change is what brings you to a crossroads in the first place. Once you are there, it is time to make and act upon some very important decisions for your life. While it is imperative to take the time to look at your options carefully and make your decisions wisely, the longer you put off facing and making important decisions, the more your energy is going to be drained. So use the energy that exists when you arrive at the crossroads to move yourself forward onto the pathway that best works for you.

The dynamics of energy are truly amazing, for energy creates energy in the never-ending spiral of life in this universe. The simple act of making decisions generates energy. Then you use that energy to begin acting on your decisions. As you do that, you create more energy. The more you get done, the more energy you create. That is why businesspeople like to say, “If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person.”

There is a catch, however, in the way you generate and use energy. If you are coming into the crossroads as a victim, as one who expects everyone else to make and carry out your decisions for you, you are bringing into the crossroads only negative energy. Negative energy has the ability to create tremendous force in the universe, there is no doubt about that. It is the darkness that defines the light.

The possibilities that exist through negative energy, however, are very limited. They are limited by the sheer weight of negativity, which feeds only on other negativity. Using negative energy isn’t going to get you out of a difficult place at all; it’s only going to get you more deeply into it. Using the energy of negative thinking, which can make you feel very powerful and important for a moment, isn’t going to get you anywhere near the center of the crossroads where the power and energy of all of creation exist. In fact, it’s going to drain you of whatever positive energy you have left, for negative energy is completely devoid of the power of creativity.

Creativity is one of the most powerful forces of all. Creativity is the child of love. Love is of the Great Spirit, and it is the most powerful force in all of existence. Creative energy comes from the very life force, itself.

It is a great privilege to be born at this particular time in human history. The decisions that you make when you stand at the crossroads of your own life and the energies that you use to create and reflect out into the world as you move forward on your chosen pathway are going to have a huge impact on the entire world around you. That is because our very world, itself, is standing at a crossroads. It is a crossroads we all must face. We absolutely cannot allow anyone else to make these next major decisions for our world, any more than we will let anyone make our important decisions for us.

We are not victims; in fact, the psychology of victimhood, the mentality that says, “It’s not my fault, so take care of me, regardless of the cost to others,” is part of the old paradigm of negativity that has brought us to this crossroads amid so much havoc and destruction. We can choose to stay rooted in this victimization, and the results will not be pretty.

Or we can choose, individually, one by one until we number every person on earth, to say, “I am responsible. I am responsible for holding up my own dream for a better life, and I am responsible for holding up my own dream for a better world.” It is when you take responsibility for your life that you really begin to move through the crossroads in very dynamic and exciting ways.

This is the vision that I have for our world, that we will move through this crossroads leaving the negativity and victimization of the old way behind us as we reach for all of the light, all of the creativity, all of beauty and joy and power that is the love of the Great Spirit. Reach for the very life force, itself, to guide you into a future of harmony and oneness with all of life. To me, there is no other way.

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Lynn Andrews
Lynn Andrews is the New York Times and internationally bestselling author of over 20 books and workbooks beginning with her Medicine Woman series. Today, she is recognized worldwide as Western society's leading female shaman and mystic. Lynn is an initiated member of the Sisterhood of the Shields, 44 women who are healers from cultures as diverse as Panama, Guatemala, Australia, Nepal, Egypt, North America and the Yucatan. A leader in the fields of spiritual healing and personal empowerment, her Lynn Andrews Mystery School, offers a 4-year course of study and training in the Sacred Healing Arts. Register Early for 2018 and receive free gifts from Lynn! Visit


  1. Hello Lynn
    Your Statement:
    “We are literally standing at a crossroads in human existence unlike anything we have ever faced before. The decisions we make and the directions we choose at this crossroads will affect the direction of life on earth perhaps forever, because of the technology we possess.”

    What I am going to suggest to you, is what is happening now was foreseen.
    The outcome and the potential of what can and will be is already envisioned.
    Yes, the human existence is changing and will never be the same. But human beings do not really have the ability to change or alter the eventuality of what will Be. Only how they choose to Be a part of what will Be, or what has been.
    The choices any one individual makes, when they take their Self into account first, will align with the vision being realized in this present moment of now, for what can and will Be.
    No One or Group of individual One’s, has the ability to effect the eventuality of what has been envisioned.
    But, it is for each individual to choose to what degree they will embrace it or turn away from the vision. Or to embrace the message, this is about Self!

    We can be in a place to encourage each other, and this is valuable part of the process. But in the end those who hold onto the old, will leave with the old. Those who hold onto things of the world, will lose their Self or forego their opportunity to realize it is not about what we own or believe, but rather what we choose to embrace. That which exists outside of our Self, or that which exists within our Self.

    I encourage you to not tell any other, what they choose will effect the eventuality of what will Be for the Human Existence in a future moment. That is to great of a burden to place on any One or Group of One’s to bear.

    Those whom go within to satisfy that which is within, will never go without.
    But those who go without (outside of Self) to satisfy that which is within, will go without satisfying that which is within.

    So if we as human’s understand what ever we do, what ever we choose is always and in all ways, always about our Self, then the choices we make will never be about another Self, but about that which is the Essence of Self within! So satisfy that which is within, and you will never go without.
    Encourage another to also go within, because the eventuality of what will be is already going to Be. How are you going to participate in the process? Bring a balance to your Self, and in a place of neutrality for any outcome, and the Energy of Self will thrive within each Individual Self and BE a part of the eventuality of what is already envisioned to BE.

    The choice is up to each and every individual.
    Within the balanced space of neutrality, without the desire to change any thing for any other, the choice each individual makes will only make a difference to the individual making the choice.
    Be True to Self!
    As everything evolves, make new choices according to the Present Moment of Now as each individual experiences it. There are no mistakes! Only the opportunity to choose again and to learn from the choices we have made and then choose again and again and again. So choose for You, honoring and valuing Your Self and honoring and valuing every other Self as a different version of Self.

    There is only one Energy of Self!
    The ONE Energy of SELF, experiencing the illusion that it created, that suggests in many ways, shapes, forms and choices through the Individual One, that separation exists, even though it does not. So it is this process that will bring ALL One’s to connect to the ONE through our own Individual One’s, realizing the only way to truly know our True Individual Self, is through our own Individual Self. Each individual One is the Gate Keeper and the Key Master and the gate or doorway to know our own Individual Self is really only possible when we desire to know the ONE SELF, through the Individual Self we each experience our Self to Be!

    With Sincerity and Encouragement!


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