Embracing The Darkness


The Void, The Nothing, The Womb, The Great Mother, The Sublime Feminine, The Great Mystery, The Tao, The Yin. This is the True Darkness…get over it. It is part of who we are; it is the source of who we are. We have been misguided for thousands of years to fear the dark. In many ways, this was a diversion so that we wouldn’t question that which occurred in the light. In so many religions and aspects of spirituality, when we question the motives and actions of authority we are told that it is the word or hand of God and not to question but to believe and have faith. And in the shade or behind the curtain of this great light, dastardly deeds are done: to children, to nations, to the Earth – all in the Name of God or the light.

It is not the Darkness that is evil.

I feel that we initially feared the Dark due to the fact that there were creatures that were more aware and sensitive than us, that lurked at night. We became light and fire worshippers, because we felt safe during the times of day and fire – to the point where we would point to the sky for our salvation. In so many religions, we have a rising and dying Sun/Son. It is the mythology of our time that is shifting.

In releasing my social and cultural mythology and personal history, I have found true freedom. I am no longer afraid of the dark. I can see in the dark. I am more sensitive and aware and in touch with my primal essence. We seem to forget that we are animals. Many humans believe that their salvation is beyond the human condition – to ascend and be something else and go somewhere else while never coming close to mastering the self. This mastery, in and of itself, is glory sublime.

We come out of The Nothing – The Darkness – and return thus, and all that is and is not is within us. The planets are like our molecules yet, inside and around all of it, Darkness. We are made up of it. It is the potential field that we sit in and emanate from. Science tells us that 96 percent of the Universe is Darkness/Nothing/Void, and 4 percent is what we call Everything. Do the math.

I understand that death is scary. I understand that we all have monsters inside. I understand the nature of fear. Yet, these are the very things that we should approach and come to understand, as opposed to becoming so blinded by “The Light.” There are things going on inside that, at times, need our immediate attention. In the Dark, you find rest, stillness and peace. It is your mind that creates the scary things, the things that go bump in the night and cause a fright.

I say bump back! Open the closet, look under the bed, and look in the mirror – for there is your fear!

Religion and Spirituality are notorious for blaming negativity and evil on Darkness, giving it a bad rap. But as I have said, look at where the true evil emanates. How can you tell children that they are safe and then make them subject to rape? How can we all be at war over the same God? How can spiritual leaders subject their followers to death and unhealthy situations? None of this has anything to do with Darkness. It happens in “The Light.” It is there where evil lies – in plain sight!

Sheep are constantly being misled by “The Light” shining overhead. The Lord is returning on this date, the world is ending on this date, the Mothership is coming on this date. There is something better on the other side, so just follow “The Light.”

Darkness is not a culprit and there is no evil in there, because there is nothing and no one to feed on. Nothing exists in the Darkness; it is the only thing that does. Listen for the night to rise and realize the power of the shift. Move into, through and beyond your fear and feel the power of it. In the depth of self are all of the answers that we seek and all that we could ever be: free.

I have found truth in the Darkness because it never had anything to say; it is untainted…absent. In this, I have found peace. No war, hunger, pestilence, fear. Just me sitting here, in it, disappearing…clearing. Listening to and hearing…Nothing.

If I could share this with the world, I would – but alas, no one can hear what isn’t being said unless they themselves have found it. So if there was something I would share it would be this…shhhhhhh.

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