Moving On: A Feng Shui Real Estate Story

Your space reflects your life! This is one of the basic tenets of Feng Shui, and as a Feng Shui practitioner I continually see this principle in action. If you want to improve a relationship, revitalize your health, sell your home or improve your business, Feng Shui is the ideal tool to get results.

My very first clients, Sherrie and Scott, are a perfect example. They were struggling to sell their home, which had been on the market for a year with no offers. They had already reduced the price several times. It was a lovely family home where they were raising their five adorable children. They had already purchased another property that Scott was fixing up. They were paying two mortgages, which was challenging both their finances and their nerves. Their Realtor contacted me to assess the situation and make recommendations.

I started with an initial tour of the home and immediately noticed a series of red flags. First, the master bedroom was an addition to the main house. In Feng Shui, this can indicate difficulties in their relationship working for the best interests of the entire family. Next, in the far right corner of the property (the partnership area) there was an enormous garage; the energetic pull between this structure and the main house could indicate a strain on the couple’s relationship. And most importantly, the master bedroom lacked life with no living plants, personal pictures, or colorful artwork, creating further questions about the cohesiveness of the couple. I suspected their focus was not on their relationship and they may not be on the same page about the move, contributing to the problems they were having selling the house.

I made some general suggestions to improve the energy flow in the home: creating a focal point in each room, adding rugs to conversation areas for grounding, and rearranging furniture to create a more welcoming atmosphere. This set the stage for the real work. I next explained to Sherrie that they were in the driver’s seat. The house could be staged beautifully, priced right for the market and expertly marketed by their Realtor, but if they didn’t want it to sell, for any reason, it wouldn’t sell.

I next asked Sherrie how supportive she was of the move, and she responded with tears. She loved her house and although she recognized the need to move, this was where they had created a family, where there was room to play, where she had tangible memories. Her reticence to move had dawned after putting their house up for sale. She was afraid of what life in the new house would be like and didn’t have the heart to tell her husband, who was now working around the clock to make two mortgage payments and remodel the new home. Sherrie realized she was holding back the process and, hence, the tears.

I gave Sherrie a list of action steps. First, she needed to write a letter to their current home thanking it for all the fabulous memories, with the goal of seeing if she could release the house, say good-bye. Next she needed to honestly share her feelings to her husband so they could become a team, pursuing the same desires. This process would require that Sherrie face her fears and be more open, but it was time. I assured her that it is human nature to hang on to what we have, if we think it is better than what is coming. I asked Sherrie, “Is there something you could get excited about regarding living in the new house?” She didn’t know.

The consultation was over, but as I left the phone rang. It was a call to set-up a showing on their house. The energy was already starting to move. Within three days, Sherrie wrote her letter, talked with her husband, and found something to get excited about – picking out tile for the new master bath. Their house sold in less than a week without further reducing the price, and Sherrie and Scott became a team pointed in the same direction.


  1. I’ve had Karen remedy the energy issues in my and my clients’ homes with her expertise in Feng Shui and Interior Design. She’s a master! The synergy of her knowledge, skill and intuition coalesces in creative ways that respect all persons concerned. It’s clear that she loves her work and the results are astounding!

  2. Karen resently assisted my seller’s in preparing their home for market. The day after their consultation, Mr. Seller reported to me that he “didn’t really understand Feng Shui, but the house felt better.” With minimal expense, the seller’s followed Karen’s recommendations. Everyone who saw the home felt the home was well prepared for the market, and the home sold within 10 days!


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