Make Changes to Make Changes


I had been struggling with a virus for weeks. I’d taken all the natural remedies, did my meditation and release work and still it is pestering me. I am feeling drained and unwell. I felt like I was missing something in my healing process, so I checked in and got the message that I needed to clean my house.

Huh? It’s not really what I wanted to hear when I was having a hard time just staying awake! But I could see the wisdom of it. I know that when my home is in disarray, I feel on edge and just a bit off. What is outside of us tends to reflect our inner world – and mine wasn’t feeling very well. Not that I am a neat freak by any means, but there is a certain level of order in my home. When things are piling up or I haven’t dusted or vacuumed for a while, I can feel it. It’s like a subtle drain on my energy.

It’s been that way since I moved in. My house has actually spoken to me frequently, from the first time I walked in and was looking for the light switch (“She’s here!! She’s here!!!!) to fixing it up a bit (“Are you going to take care of me?”). Yes, I heard my house actually speaking to me.

I understood how the energy of placing objects and flow affects your space before, when I lived in an apartment, but when I bought the house this knowledge was really in the forefront. I have been very conscious of where I put things and what colors I use. I went so far as to read up on Feng Shui and apply some of those concepts. But to me, it’s more than a study in energy or a science of placement.

My home is sacred to me. I treat it that way and it nourishes me. I run my healing practice out of my home, so it is vitally important that the energy is nurturing and relaxing for my clients and for myself. They say your body is your temple and I treat it as such, but it is important to house it in a sacred way, as well.

One of the ways I do that is to have altar areas in my home. Altars are places where you arrange stones, bits of nature, art, what have you, to hold or manifest certain energies in your life. We all do that naturally, I think. But I also think we get stuck in how we think things need to be or look in our homes. We all know people who haven’t moved anything in their homes for decades. That’s fine if it is serving you, but I submit that energy needs to move. It can be very beneficial to all parts of our lives to re-think our living spaces.

When I was trying to shift the energy in my bedroom, I rearranged the altar. That one had been set up months prior, and what I had intended to manifest in my life with it had come into my life. So I took it apart and listened to my guidance on how things should look now, given what was going on. The shift in energy in my room was palpable. From that night forward, I slept better and my health began returning. As I gradually cleaned up, straightened and rearranged my home, I could feel new energy building and I felt better by the minute.

I believe we all need to take a look at areas in our lives that are not serving us anymore – including our homes. What changes could you make to make changes in your life?

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Rev. Lisa Severson
Lisa Severson is a Holistic Life Coach, Energy Healer and Interfaith Minister who specializes in addressing all aspects of a person's life to bring about balance, joy and healing. She can be reached at 612.800.4461 or


  1. Works every time for me!! Frees up the energy to be used elsewhere. Uncluttering the mental and emotional realm works the same way!


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