Spiritual Hunger


First of a seven-part series

In this seven-part article series I will address the pervasive spiritual hunger in our world, offer avenues for assuaging that ache, and outline steps to take toward psycho-spiritual freedom, authentic sacredness and profound connection. Several parts will include insights about theories, prophecies and predictions associated with the date Dec. 21, 2012. However, prior to addressing the popular topic of 2012, it is imperative that we first examine the design and framework of our current earth reality. For it is from within this framework that all theories, prophecies and predictions emerge.

We are in the midst of a spiritual renaissance. This reawakening includes the instantaneous availability of voluminous quantities of information through various media vehicles. Over the past sixty years, ordinary people have reported paranormal experiences with unparalleled frequency and inquisitive fervor. These accounts describe such phenomena as repeated intuitive hunches, ESP, astral projection, flashes of light, near-death and out-of-body experiences, angelic visitations and interventions, incidences of spontaneous automatic writing and channeling, UFO sightings, unprompted past-life recall, the appearance of crop circles, spirit photography, glimpses of intricate worlds, telekinesis, and telepathy, etc. Since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, metaphysics has indeed gone mainstream and doorways have opened that invite us to reevaluate our previous perspectives on the nature of divinity, our origins, purpose and power.

We have been riding waves of repeated opportunities for rapid spiritual awakening.

Nevertheless, we hunger for a clear, resounding experience of truth and a palpable, visceral connection to our authentic selves and all of creation. Some of us are stuck in seas of emotional paralysis; some wander in deserts of spiritual bewilderment; some are engulfed in overwhelm generated from an imbalanced focus on material acquisitions; and others are inundated by the grip of alienation shaped by distorted versions of power and success.

With so many conditions shaping our conscious minds – cultural norms, ethnic origins, language and symbol systems, religious traditions and practices, stages of emotional development and integration as well as the range of any individual’s level of trust, openness and belief – where do we go for relief, revelation and deliverance? Religions encourage us to supplicate ourselves to please lords and gods, to appeal for what we want, atone for our sins, and plead for forgiveness. Some self-help systems weave spiritual tenets, business principles, motivational speaking techniques with aspects of quantum physics for the purpose of equipping people with the tools needed to increase their accomplishments and attract to them the life they desire, while a number of new age philosophies promote enduring our circumstances because of their misrepresentation of karmic debt or earth school lessons.

Meanwhile, our hunger for truth, freedom, sacredness and connection disturbs and drives us. Many of us intuit that substantial aspects of core truths about humanity are shrouded in some kind of conspiratorial mystery and are, therefore, unavailable to us.

As part of our experience of earth life, each of us has uttered – in whispers of despair or groans of anguish – one or more of these searching questions: Where did I come from? What is my purpose? Who is my creator? What is the nature of divinity? What are the origins of our current earth reality? What do I believe? Whom do I trust? How can I recognize threads of truth? Some of us have mused as to why there is a veil that shrouds our conscious knowing and dilutes our desire for self-sourcing and co-creative spiritual freedom?

Fables passed down speak of the time in our mother’s wombs when the veil doesn’t exist and during which we remember all the wisdom of the universe. But many of these tales end by narrating that at birth our Guardian Angel gives us a sharp blow that causes us to forget everything we’ve learned! So, somehow, we arrive in an incarnational experience unable to remember the truth about our celestial origin and clueless about what we came here to do. In short, we are programmed to forget. After eons of forgetting, we believe it is our nature to forget. We forget to the extent that we forget that we’ve forgotten.

Among the questions that most need asking include: Who designed this scenario and why? Who is invested in us entering our 3-D incarnational Earth experience having forgotten the truth about our origins, stripped of our essence raiments? With the designer of this scenario at the helm, our sense about our true nature is reduced to a dim light haphazardly flickering as we journey though duress-dominated wastelands, governed by invisible Being(s) to whom we are taught to defer.

The veil is not as mysterious as it is portrayed; rather it is a function of diminished perception born of an imprinted belief in our unworthiness. These factors, coupled with the portrayal of God as either a religious relic or a spiritual senior officer, have left us spiritually impoverished.

Clearly, a paradigm shift is upon us.

My use of the term “paradigm” is synonymous with an established way of being according to traditional standards, patterns or precedents that one follows. Paradigm shifts are characterized by leaps in understanding and expansions in consciousness, whereby profound evolutionary changes take place. Paradigm shifts have occurred in civilizations like Pangaea, Lemuria, Atlantis, Sumeria, Egypt, the Indus Valley, Peru, Chaco Canyon, etc.

All paradigm shifts challenge us to awaken to the fact that there is a difference between belief and truth and to overthrow previous assumptions that don’t contribute to evolution. And all paradigm shifts are evidence that assumptions can be overthrown. In fact, history verifies that what once seemed impossible not only found its way into the mainstream, but also acquired impeccable credentials.

We’ve become accustomed to feeling anxious and rigid in the face of change and, therefore, we tend to hold onto familiar beliefs. But familiar beliefs reinforce the repetition of patterns, and this paradigm shift summons us to accept that we cannot afford to remain stuck in repetitious patterns. Because of this directive, the first place to go in our quest to satiate our hunger for psycho-spiritual freedom, authentic sacredness and profound connection is truth. Truth is revelation and deliverance. However, to reveal truth, we must first be willing to accept that fundamental information about the design and framework of our current Earth existence is veiled.

In part two of this series, to uncover the veiled truths about this design and framework and obtain answers to questions as “Is there something wrong with the way in which current Earth existence is designed,” I will reference the film, The Matrix, written and directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski, and work with it as a modern myth. In part three of this series, I will address the question, “Who designed the current Earth reality scenario and why?”

Unveiling truth is our right and our responsibility. The truth will deliver us; to be delivered is to be released, liberated and infused with glory. And glory means to rise.

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