Living in the Sweetness of Your Space


Those of you who are sensitive know that many things can affect the feeling of the space in which you live and work. Each item you own has an energy connection to you and is either supporting your progress or holding you back. Energetic clutter (too much stuff and a messy place) draws you out of clarity, keeping you from being present here and now. As you expend energy to ignore the clutter, you become more unconscious.

Other underlying energetic conditions also have an impact. Homes may contain residual influences from long illnesses, death, divorce, family discord, abuse, financial difficulties, robbery, traumatic events and more. Ley lines, power lines, TV and radio towers, ghosts, and unacknowledged energies in the earth may affect you. For some, because it has become familiar, these influences are not noticed until their effect is removed by the clearing work. One way to notice is to be aware of how you feel when you enter a place after being away for a while.

In space clearing, just as in working with personal energy field clearing, there are two steps – first, removing energy blocks and drains, and second, enhancing energy flow. I work with the Ancient Energies of the Land to gain their cooperation and support for those living or working there. This enhances energy flow and brings sweetness to the experience of being in that place.

I recently helped a client clear her townhome. She first called me because of a persistent electrical problem. For several months, the front hallway light had only worked intermittently, and then stopped working altogether. The fixture had been replaced and a master electrician had determined that the wiring was in very good shape and could find no cause for what was happening.

I found that a painting stored near the light was causing the disturbance. It carried the energy of someone’s illness. My client took the steps I suggested to appropriately neutralize and destroy the painting, and the light has worked fine ever since.

She had neighbors who were unconsciously pulling in her energy, and she had unknowingly placed many of her books along the common wall to protect herself. She was feeling overwhelmed by all the books and tapes, but she was having difficulty getting rid of them. I went through the books and intuitively determined which ones to let go of and which ones to keep. She always had the right to take some back, which at times she did. She appreciated the ease and simplicity of the process when I did the choosing.

Next, we placed crystals in the basement to set up an energetic wall between her and her current neighbor. Then we removed some of the items in the living room that carried old energy and no longer supported her current energetic state. Some furniture pieces and art work were released. Then we hung art work she already owned that was reflective of where her soul wanted her to go, and we rearranged the furniture. She felt so good about her “new” living room that she arranged a birthday party for herself in her newly created space.

“This has been a real transformation,” she said, “and it has given me a new sense of freedom, not only in my home but in my life! Well worth the effort and focus.”

Another client had been “haunted” by her brother dying in a distant country and she was not able to travel to see him before his death. His ghost was present in her home due to unresolved family religious conflicts. In the process of releasing his ghost, these issues were resolved, along with the client’s guilt about her brother.

After another client’s home was hit by a tornado, the daughter had difficulty getting to sleep and had occasional nightmares. The family said they felt “quite discombobulated.” After I remotely reintegrated the original and rebuilt parts of the house, the daughter was able to sleep. The family also reported feeling grounded again.

Making room for change and simplicity really assists in bringing in the new energies. I honor all who are willing to do the work.

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Tom Guyette is a multidimensional healer who became interested in the unseen through sound and radio at an early age. He was educated in electronics, biomedical and software engineering and medicine. He has always had a practical hands-on approach to add to learned theory. Out of an experience of much loss he was drawn to spirituality for healing. After that, intuitive gifts and healing abilities opened for him. Tom offers Space Clearing, Individual and Group Channeled Healing, Personal Energy Enhancements and Energy Healing, Psychic Readings, Messages from the Dead. Services are available in my office, at your location or over the phone.



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